When was the "Islam - The Modern Religion" website founded and why?

It was founded on March 28th 1998 by a teenage girl. She wanted to share with others everything that she loved about Islam - she was just a learning then and so the first version of ITMR was just a page with a link to the English translation of the Quran. Today, ITMR has grown with its webmaster - it has over 2000 files.

Why is it entitled "Islam - The Modern Religion"?

The use of the word modern is not to connote changing Islam to suit modern times. Is it called modern because the Islam, revealed 1400 years ago is still applicable as a solution to modern problems of today like AIDS, single parenthood, poverty, violence, racism and sexism. Islam is the way of life that continues to remain suitable because the values and prescriptions are timeless and universal.

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