Keep The Faith
by Hisham Zoubeir, 1 March 1998

The questions in my head. The faith in my heart. They were once answered by one and the same thing; my soul. For I had seen the light beyind the horizon; I had discovered the meaning of humanity, for but a brief moment in time. But I had discovered it, nonetheless.

And I do proclaim it.

The love of humanity. The immense love and compassion. The ability to overcome the odds and hardships of life, with faith and constancy. The singular realistation of two contradictions; that one is small in the grand scheme of things, and that one can make a difference to the entire world.

I do proclaim it.

My religion is my faith, and my faith is my life. What do I call this faith? The faith of believing that there is a higher power than I, and that the higher power created all of creation. The faith of believing in the innate goodness of humanity, and the immense capability of humanity.

The faith of believing in kindess, righteousness, honour and love. The faith of believing that this world is but one small one, and that there will be a next world. The faith of seeing the light of the creator in all things, at all times. The faith of knowing that in all creation are there signs of the creator, and knowing that the creator is in all things. The faith of knowing that the creator does exist, and that I submit to the will of the creator.

I have seen the signs of the creator in so much. I have seen a sun rise, and a sun set. I have seen views atop a mountain high. I have seen a small child, and an old man. I have seen tenderness and kindness. I have seen compassion and forgiveness. I have seen love and joy. And in all of these, did I see signs.

But for I to presume that I come close to envisioning the full spectrum of the creator? I cannot. For I am but a human being, and the creator is more than that.

I have also known pain, and hardship. Struggle, and defeat. And in these things have I known the creator as well. For it was in these things did I grow and endure.

For it was in these things was I tested, and it was in these things did I become. It was only after these things that I did feel worthy of better. And when I did receive better, I felt unworthy of it.

I have seen friendship and companionship. I have seen brothers and sisters. Not of blood, but of spirit and of bonds that cannot be explained. I have known the light of my own soul in these.

I cannot describe the creator anymore than I can do justice to the beauty of the night sky; for it is not possible for me to find enough words, nor can I describe that which I do not understand myself.

The light. The shining light that peers to me from the end of a dark tunnel. I cannot grasp it, nor can I see the source of it completely. But I do know that it is there, as surely as I know my own life is a reality and not a dream. If only I would spend my entire life striving towards the end of that tunnel.

I have chosen a way to strive to that end. I have looked inside of myself and I have found only one way to fulfill myself. The test, the challenge. The invariable realisation of the creator. The way of kindess and goodness. And of righteousness and purity.

The way is of that men and women have known since the dawn of time. Of some of those men and women do we know, and of some we shall never know. Of one thing did they have common; and that was that they submitted themselves completely to the creator. And it is that do I commit myself to.

Submission. Peace.


[When this article was written] Hisham Zoubeir is at the University of Sheffield undertaking a multi-disciplinary degree in law. He has lived in Abu Dhabi, Cairo and London. His main interests delves into peace, equality, righteousness and spirituality.]

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