Respect for Elders

Although piety and knowledge are the true attributes of greatness in Islam, the youngsters have been enjoined to give due respect to their elder. Our Prophet, upon whom be peace, went to the extent of saying that, “He is not of us who does not have kindness for our young and respect for our old.” (Abu Daud and Tirmidhi)

Grey-haired folk have been specially indicated as objects of our respect in hadith. Abu Musa Ashari relates that our Prophet, may he be eternally blessed, said, “Respect for a grey-haired Muslim is a part of respect for Allah.” (Abu Daud)

Another Prophetic saying has been related by Anas, “For youth who respects an old man because of his age, Allah appoints people who shall respect the young man in his old age.”

It was a custom of our eternally blessed Prophet that if a younger member of a delegation began to speak, the Holy Prophet asked him to let the elders speak first. This shows the great emphasis, laid by our blessed Prophet upon respect for elders, which is highly merited and rewarded.