Teaching Religion

Teaching religion is for more meritorious an act than learning religion, provided one does not expound religious to show off his own erudition but teaches to benefit others. Abu Umama has quoted the following words of our Prophet, may he be eternally blessed, “Allah the Most High and His Angels and all creatures of the Heavens and earth even the ants inside their ant-holes shower mercy one those who teach things of benefit to others.” (Jame-Tirmidhi)

Sahl bin Sa’d relates that once our Prophet upon whom be peace, addresses Ali as follows, “If Allah gives guidance to even one person through you it is far better for you than red camels.” (Bukhari and Muslim)

Red camels were highly prized among the Arabs. Thus this hadith means that if your teaching benefits someone, it is better than all the wealth in the world.

Hence, whenever one gets a chance to teach others, particularly one’s own wife and children, any aspect of religion, one should avail it and continue doing this good deed because it is a perpetual source of merit.