Tenderness and Kindness

Tenderness towards others is very pleasing to Allah and is very meritorious. Ayesha (may Allah be pleased with her always) relates that our holy Prophet has said, 'Allah is kind and likes kindness and gives that reward for tenderness which is nor granted for harmless nor for anything else.” (Sahih Muslim)

In another hadith related by Ayesha (may Allah be pleased with her) our Prophet (may he be eternally blessed) says that, “Tenderness adorns everything and if removed would make it ugly." (Sahih Muslim)

Tenderness means that one must avoid using harsh words or harsh attitude in anger, and behave and speak with tenderness. If someone has to be checked or if a difference in opinion is to expressed, one should not be rough or harsh, but speak softly and kindly. If a younger person has to be trained and strictness cannot be avoided, it too should be adopted in moderation or to the extent needed.

Kind behaviour also implies that one must not argue or quarrel with others on every issue and think well of them as far as possible.  Even haggling over price should not be harsh or acrimonious.  One should be ready to accept another's viewpoint if it is acceptable. and when if it is not so one should withdraw from argument.  It is not good to compel others to agree with one's own viewpoint and to force them into submission.

Jabir has related that our exalted that our blessed Prophet said that, “Allah is kind to him who is tender and forgiving in selling as well as buying and even when asking others for his due". (Sahih Bukhari). Hadhifah ibn Yaman has related that our blessed Prophet said that, "A bondsman of Allah who was given much wealth would be brought before Allah and would be asked 'Wwhat did you do in the world?' He would submit that 'Oh my Noursher, Thou hadst given me Thine wealth and I traded with it and I was forgiving, so I made things easy for the rich and allowed time to the poor'. Allah would say 'I have more right to behave in this manner' and would then turn to His Angels and command them 'Release this bondsman'. (Sahih Muslim)

Abu Hurairah has quoted our blessed Prophet as saying that, “One who gives time to the poor debtor or gives him some relief, Allah would keep him in the shade of
His throne on the Day of Judgement where there would be no shade Save that of His Throne." (Jami' Tirmidhi)

Abu Qatavah has quoted our revered and respected Prophet as saying that, “One who desires to be relieved of the pains and worries of the Day of Judgment, should ease the troubles of the destitute or ease his loan.” (Sahih Muslim)