Are we "Islam Compliant" as much as we are Y2K Compliant?
Y2K, that's the buzz-word nowadays. Each and everyone of us is bracing for the year 2000 and the expected mayhems it will bring? Financial institutions, government departments and  even  the man on the street will not be spared of this Y2K phenomena,when all computer systems which read the last two digits of the year will translate year 2000 as year 00.

It looks like that we are going backwards from the year 99 to the  year 00  and  the  coined  acronym for this seems to be pointing to that direction too:--Y to K (normal reading (arrangement) of the alphabets is from K to Y!) Are we heading to that (backward) direction? Should we press the distress button or should we make ourselves ready?

This article will focus on your Y2K readiness and compliance looking at it according to the muslim perspective fromm Y TO K!

Y:- You and your family! Are you ready to face the next millennium as devoted muslims or for that matter to face ALLAH SWT during judgement day with a clean record?

X:- X-factor! Do you have the X-factor that little extra (in your ibadah) to tilt your "mizan" to the right so that jannah will be your reward?

W:- Watchful! Are you being watchful and careful in your selections of foods and activities--are they against ISLAM?

V:- Volunteer! Do you set aside your time to do voluntary work and ibadah?

U:- Unthankful Ummah! Do you fall under the category of people who are not bother to thank ALLAH SWT for all the blessings bestowed upon them and as ummah are we united? It will take every muslims' effort to build the strength of the ummah. We can start from the basic unit of society that is the family.Each one is responsible for his/her family and there on we go to the next level and so on until we stand tall as a UNITED UMMAH. Rasulullah SAW mentioned that there will be a time that we, muslims will be many but this hadith can be interpreted in 2 ways:-first we take it as a foregone conclusion and accept is sitting down without doing anything and second we take it as a warning from Rasulullah Saw and try to change or try to avoid the said how are we going to take leaving it just like that or the very least try to change our attitudes for the betterment of UMMAH..the choice is yours!

T:- Taqwa! What is your plan or action to increase your taqwa to ALLAH SWT?

S:- Syaitan (laknatullah)! Are you following his footsteps? na'uzubillah! We have to fight whatever shapes of syaitan be it in the forms of jinn,humans,countries and or any devices - the saying if you can't beat them join them, is irrelevant here!

R:- Recreation! Did you overdo on your enjoyments on things frivolous?

Q:- Quran! Are you following Al-quran by reading,understanding and practising it?

P:- Prophet Muhammad SAW! Do you claim to follow his sunnah by "figure of speech" alone or by your actions and your speech together? or Do you do it once a year come the 12 RabiulAwal only?

O:- Outburst! Do you show your anger in every little mistakes done by others?

N:- Neglect! Have you straightened out your life and remember that ALLAH SWT and Rasulullah SAW come first before anybody?

M:- Mother! Are you treating your one and only mother well and remember next to obedience to ALLAH SWT and Rasulullah SAW comes obedience to mother?

L:- Lambast! Do you like to belittle someone? Do not criticize someone whoever they are because you will not know that maybe that someone will be your life-saver one day!

K:- Kick yourself if you are busy with your work and have no time for Allah (swt)

Now if you managed to answer all the questions favourably, you may consider yourself Y2K COMPLIANT the Islamic's way. Often we are more concerned about how our electronic gadgets and systems will perform come year 2000 but we always forget on our own performances. How is our performances on this earth come yaumal kiyamah? Will we pass the test from ALLAH SWT and be declared as "JANNAH" COMPLIANT? Hence, just do not adjust your computer systems only but please also adjust yourself to be Y to K compliant, the Islamic way.

Are we really "advanced" as the true meaning of the word or are we as muslims going backwards, making us worse than the time before Rasulullah (saw)?

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