Purifying Charity (Zakat)
as deduced from the Qur'an and sunnah by jurists of the Hanafi school

Conditions for Obligation

Zakat on Gold, Silver and Cash

Zakat on Trade-Goods

Zakat on Other Items
Produce : 10%

Payment of Zakat
- Intention is essential.

May only be given to the following categories:

May be given to any or all of these categories. It is preferred to give to one's needy relatives for whom one is not financially responsible Islamically. It is disliked to give too much or too little to any one individual.

May not be given to :

It is disliked to transfer zakat funds to another country, unless there is a legitimate need

Etiquettes of Paying Zakat
1. Understand the rationale
    - test of love for Allah
    - ridding oneself of miserliness
    - thankfulness to Allah
2. Pay it in secret, preferably.
3. Do not ruin it by reminder and injury.
4. Do not consider it to be big.
5. Spend the best of your wealth.
6. Seek out the most pious, knowledgeable and dignified people.

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