Experiences during Hajj I
The following shows the different parts of Mecca/Medinah and of people performing their pilgrimage. I find that these pictures are extremely well taken and inspiring because they show the human aspect of the pilgrimage rather than the holy city itself. [Photographs Courtesy of "MECCA AND MEDINA TODAY" By Hamza Kaidi in collaboration with Nadjm Oud-Dine Bammate and El Hachemi Tidjani Copyright - Les Editions j.a. - 1980]
Precious craftsmanship: gold and silver thread embroidery of the verses of the Qur'an on the Ka'bah covering. 

The most solemn moment for a pilgrim: touching the Black Stone. Not all pilgrims can get this close and they are only required to hail it from a distance.

Invocation of the pilgrims on the hill of As-Safa, point of departure for the procession.

The Maqam Ibrahim (place where Abraham was in the habit of standing). It is opposite the Multazam the only door of the Ka'bah.

Pilgrims touching one of the walls of the Ka'bah.

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