American Muslims must take the lead
By Brother Hassan

And say: "Act, and Allah will observe your actions, and so will his Messanger and the believers: and soon you will be brought back to the Knower of all Unseen and the Seen. then He will show you the truth of all that you did." At-Taubah (9):105.

The time has come for American Muslims to take the lead and coordinate the future of the Islamic Ummah. The world is watching us and some of the old (sic) Islamic countries are giving us a bad name and reputation. We can ill afford to alienate the rest of the world into believing that we are people of the sword. We can ill afford to make people of the world believe that we are merciless and unjust. We can ill afford to make the world feel that we are not united or that we do not follow our own scripture. We can no longer treat members or non-members of the ummah except according with the Holy Quran/Hadith and Sharia.

We have witnessed the unauthorized treatment of persons in some countries that profess to follow the Holy Quran and hadith. These countries are poison to the growth of the Islamic faith by their actions and it is now time to denounce the countries for what they are. Their actions have taken them out of the fold of Islam and into the realm of Shatianism and apostasy. We need to unite and label these countries/government as outlaws for the whole world to see. We can no longer sit around and let people think that their actions are inherent in Islam or that the ummah condone their actions.

We as Americans have to lead the way in order that the ummah may flourish in this country and others. I will list a few reasons why this leadership should fall on American Muslims.

We have the talent here at home and some excellent students from abroad to help in this effort. Let your voices be heard so that the whole world will know that Islam is the religion of peace and equality. Let the whole world know that Islam is the worlds religion and not the devil's religion. Wake up and smell the coffee, we have to continue/approve in our da'wa efforts. Let our examples bring converts to the religion of Allah ( S.W ) and his prophet Muhummad ( PBUH ).
We must flush out all un-Islamic traditions such as family neglect, beatings and unjustice from the hearts and minds of some so called Muslims.

This article was written to address the role of the American Muslim. Many believe the light of Islam will rise in the West. This message applies to all Muslims around the world.

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