The Call To Islaam In The United Kingdom
The UK is different from other European countries because of its more liberal policies with regards to religious activities. This is the reason that there are several active Islaamic organizations operating in Britain today. Also, Islaam is flourishing and spreading rapidly in Britain, where three persons per day embrace Islaam. The total number of Muslims in Britain increased to between 1.5 and 2 million, including more than  250,000, who converted to Islaam from other religions. Seventy percent of these new Muslims are females, many of whom are now married to Muslims who came from various parts of the world. These new female Muslims are very active in Da'wah (inviting people to Islaam)  and in defending Islaam against false claims that Islaam against false claims that Islaam does not protect the rights of women and does not give them their share of respect and rights.

The majority of Muslims in Britain are from among the Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi immigrants. There are other small communities who originally came from Morocco, Yemen, and other Muslims countries. Many of these Muslims live in poverty and hardship. Some Muslims have succeeded  financially and are participating in the parliament and in the police force. However, these are a minority among the Muslims in the United Kingdom.

England has remained largely free of the racial tensions that have plagued many European countries. Yet, there is a new, strong movement to embrace racist ideas and the New Nazis. There racist and terrorist groups practice terrorism and commit atrocities, including murder and arson, against the Muslim population. Even the conservative government in Britain is now taking a hard stance against immigration laws. This position adversely affected the Muslims  community, including Muslims of British origin who hope to marry their daughters to Muslims from India and Pakistan. The tightened  immigrants laws also adversely affected Muslims who migrated from Somalia, Bosnia and other areas of the Muslim world.

The western civilization has only provided the western world with material means, but was unable to provide what all humans thirst for, that is, the need for a religion that satisfies both the material and spiritual needs. This is why life is  full of hardships for Westerners who vie for spiritual satisfaction. Many of them embrace Buddhism or Sufism because they think that such religions satisfy their thirst and hunger for a religion, any religion. In its present form, Christianity does not satisfy western societies' need for a religion that will bring it contentment and fulfillment. Islaam, on the other hand, is a religion that is  suitable for all places and all times. It is a religion that takes into consideration both the spiritual and material needs of its followers.

This is the reason why Islaam has a special appeal to western cultures, as long as the caller to it is adhering firmly to the Qur'aan and Sunnah. Islaam offers an alternative to the ills that western societies are suffering from.

The call to the Qur'aan and Sunnah is very strong in Britain, all thanks are to Allaah. There are several organizations that follow this line. Some of these organizations mainly operate within the Pakistani community and publish various magazines, newsletters and pamphlets. Other organizations are active among English speakers and they do attract a large audience. Some of them concentrate on conducting various activities among the non-Muslims communities and in colleges and universities to spread the call of Islaam amongst them. And some are active in translating books with authentic information into the English language.

These organizations use various methods in their calling to Islaam, including delivering lectures and holding classes about various aspects of Islaam. They also offer free literature about Islaam in streets and markets, especially during Saturdays. This has been one of the most successful ways of informing the British public about Islaam.

It is a bounty from Allaah that the Muslim organizations in Britain are not  facing any direct obstacles erected by the government, as  of yet. However, there is always some type of obstacles that the government indirectly erects trying, as it has been the habit and intent of the British government, to destroy Islaam anywhere it exists. Hatred and despise of Islaam is very apparent in the policies and practices that the government takes, such as the British position with regards to Bosnia. Also, the government  has given state protection to some figures who are anti-Islaamic, such as Salman Rushdi, whom the government is protecting in the pretext that it wants to preserve the right of free speech. Ironically, at the same time, the government intervenes whenever a book is published about the Jews or a book that criticizes the policies of Margaret Thatcher, the former Prime Minister. Free speech applies only in areas that benefit the government, otherwise, there is no  free speech.

There are non-Islaamic institutions that are specialized in "Eastern Studies," which are mainly concerned with distorting Islaam and training people on how to attack Islaamic ideas and laws. All this is happening at a time when the Church is spending millions of Pounds to lure people back to the church, a policy that is being sponsored by forty parliament members, the same members ho have been claming that Muslim mosques are increasingly becoming centers for violence and trouble around the country. All these actions by the government reveal the degree of hatred that their hearts conceal is even greater.

Despite all these practices and the war against Islaam that is being propagated in the media, Islaam is steadily spreading every day, all thanks are to Allaah. And although some Muslims doubt that Islaam will be successful in the West, it is still spreading. It is the unique characteristic of this religion that whenever it is challenged, its power and hold over the hearts of the believers increase. Allaah has promised that before the end of time, Islaam will enter every house on the face of the earth. Allaah always speaks the perfect truth.

Since Britain is a democracy and an officially secular state, Muslims have been allowed to form political parties. As a result, there is one Islaamic party  that has been formed and is active in some areas. However, this party does not represent correct Islaamic belief. It is active among those who are not firm in their Islaam and those who implement Islaam during marriage ceremonies only.

Muslims are larger in number that the Jews in Britain. Yet, they do not have any representatives in the parliament. On the contrary, the Jews have several members in the parliament and in the government. If Muslims are more successful in organizing their efforts, they will be able to have more say in their affairs and in the parliament, as some Muslims prefer. However, such a move, if fulfilled, must be in accordance with the teachings of the Qur'aan and Sunnah and through the correct way of understanding and implementing the religion.

Taken from Is There a God?

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