Recommendations for the Dying

1. The face of the dying person is to be directed toward Qiblah by turning the person on his side. If it is difficult, he should be left dying flat on his back, with legs towards Qiblah, and the head raised high, hence, the face toward Qiblah.

2. The people around him should recites the kalimah encouraging the dying person to do the same. The Prophet (p) said: Advice the dying person to say, (There is nothing worthy of worship except Allah) because a dying Muslim who recites this will be saved from Hell.

3. The loved ones and friends should pray that mercy and forgiveness and blessings of Allah be given to the deceased.

4. It is recommended that his friends and relatives should read Surah Yaseen (ch. 36) from the Quran.

5. It is advised that people around should talk about the mercy, blessings and forgiveness of Allah. The dying person should have a pleasant feeling toward Allah, hoping for the best to come for him.

6. A dying person should be able to overcome the fear of death. This can be done when he sees a good number of relatives and friends around him. During that period, the dying experiences strange feelings and acute understanding.

7. The dying person may wish to talk to someone about what he is feeling. The presence of a religious leader may be crucial for a peaceful death. He would feel less lonely and more dignified.

8. The presence of loved ones, friends, and religious leaders may give the dying person the opprtunity to ask forgiveness from them. This will allow him to feel less troubled and happier at the time of death.

9. Relatives should encourage the dying person to make bequests and Sadaqah Jariyah.

10. It is advisable to treat the departing person as a forerunner who is going ahead of us, for we will all join him very soon.

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