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Summary of this thread: 

Now this one takes on a more logical nature than the thread below. This involves a man, Sam and his girlfriend, August - both who claim to hate Islam, Christianity and Judaism with all their heart. Sam used to have a website for the sole purpose of trashing the Bible but the website seems to have disappeared since we were last in touch. August, his girlfriend, said their next "task" would be doing a site on trashing the Qur'an - I wonder how far they got with that. 

This discussion began when August, who is a Wiccan, wrote a rude e-mail to me. Later on Sam stepped in. All our mails were sent to two listservers so they members may participate if they wish. The names of all those other people have been concealed. The names of Sam and August were not concealed because they are public figures with public websites.

* Three people commented on my reply to Sam..

* I replied to Others 1 and 2 using one e-mail

* Someone else's reply to Others 1

* Sam replies

* My replies

* Sam's girlfriend, August contributed once in a while

* Sam replies

* Replies to Sam

* Sam replies for the last time

  • Sam's Last and Most Intelligent Reply

* Conclusion


Summary of this thread:

A Wiccan visited my website on Islam and wanted to refute one of the poems displayed there. The whole thread eventually became rather ridiculous as you will see because we realised we were dealing with someone who did NOT have the intention to "clear her doubts" as she first claimed. The mails below are a must read!

(she saw us as terrorists who were mail bombing her while she conveniently failed to acknowledge anything of the explanations we gave her or questions we asked her)  (Replies to my last two mails never came) 

I forwarded her mails to others for a second opinion. Here's what others had to say 

She replies to them

Others reply to her latest replies

* An Arabian Lady came across this site and read the mails that were exchanged above. She wrote to me and I decided to publish her e-mail as well since she IS from the Middle East and she IS an Arabian

* Yousef, an Arabian Boy read the e-mail from the Arabian lady above. He also wanted to say something with regards to what the Arabians lady wrote, being an Arabian himself. 

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