Muslimah Cancer Support List

A sister, Umm Zubayr Khadijah has started a support group, based on Qur'an Was Sunnah, for sisters with any type of cancer, Inshallah. Please pass this message on to sisters you know who has or had the disease, any loved one that may have or had the disease, anyone who has encountered the disease by way of witnessing someone, and also those who are studying the disease and can give input, insha Allah.
All who are interested please e-mail her or visit her website

General Muslimah/Muslimeen Cancer Support List
A sister, Kathleen Weber has founded an online community called MLWC (Muslims Living With Cancer).

Muslims Living with Cancer is for those Muslims who have in some way or another been affected by cancer (or pre-cancerous conditions). Whether you are the person who has cancer, lives with someone who has cancer or provide support and health care to this community, you are welcome to join.

This list is open men and women. You may join by visiting the group's website at egroups.

If you are not already a eGroups member, you will need to complete a quick and free registration process before joining the community. You may also contact Kathleen directly by sending her an e-mail.

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