Lies, Rumours, Urban Legends and Hoaxes
We've all been taken in! Here are some resources to help clear the air
Islamic rumours and lies being spread by Muslims (or perhaps Non-Muslims). Islam is a religion of truth. God has clearly said in the Holy Quran that "Truth stands out clear from Error" (Chapter 2, Verse 256) Why Muslims invent these stories in the name of religion and dawah never fails to baffle me.
  • Fake picture of Prophet's (saw) Tomb, is in fact tomb of Poet Rumi 
  • 15 Punishments for Leaving Prayers
  • Muslims fooled by April Fool's Day Internet Urban Legend
  • Boy 5, converts 1000 to Islam: exists but doesn't live up to expectation
  • Holy Quran in your DNA coding
  • Jermain Jackson's Conversion to Islam
  • Do not Forward Chain Letters
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