Why don't Taliban supporters go live in Afghanistan?
By Anna Ghonaim, iViews, 8 March 2001
I have a couple of points to make about the righteousness or lack thereof of the Taleban's action.

1. They are in power because of help from the American CIA and from the Pakistani secret service.

2. They are involved in opium trafficking.

3. They are practicing the most obscene forms of discrimination against women.

Therefore, if you ask me, (who did, I know) they do not have any moral authority to decide that the ancient statues are "idols" and to destroy them. They just have no moral authority. It would be like taking a gang rapist and putting him in charge of the justice system.

I also have a couple of points to make to those who think the buddhas should be destroyed because Muhammad PBUH destroyed idols in Mecca:

1. He destroyed actively used idols, not ancient commemorative art work that may or may not have been worshipped once.

2. Buddhists have never worshipped their statues. They worship One Deity (like some others you may have heard of!) and, much like Christians make pictures of Christ, they are not worshipping the graven image but a Deity which it is supposedly representing.

If people don't believe me go ask a Buddhist. They are not polytheist "kaffirun" like the Qureish. I studied Buddhist theological writings and I do know something about them.

3. Amr Ibn al As "opened" Egypt a few years after the Prophet died. He did not destroy the statues of ancient Egyptian gods. The subject did not even come up. He was a Sahaba. Therefore he presumably is someone to be emulated.

That said, I also have a couple of thoughts regarding the furor about this.

1. Where in the hell is the outraged international community when the Taleban wage their war against women?

2. Where in the hell are all these Muslim intellectuals that see how horrible it is for the taleban to destroy statues, when the Taleban are destroying the name of Islam everywhere in the world by their drug dealing and their oppression of women?

3. Where in the hell are the mujahhideen that rave on and on about Israel but let their fellow Muslims destroy the world with opium and destroy women by denying them basic human rights? Anyone ever hear about cleaning our own house before going after others? Did you all hear the Saudi Imam on Eid al Adha? Jews, jews, jews, but not a word about all the evil so-called Muslims who are ruining our religion and destroying their countrymen/women. This makes me SICK.

I have to admit that I am just really really saddened that the Taleban find ANY defenders within our Ummah at all.

Do you know, if they offered me charity and I was starving, I would spit in their face. I would not want God to forgive one of their sins on my account!

I want them punished for what they are doing! Dealing in drugs that ruin people's lives, committing women to virtual prison, and now destroying ancient art just to show what philistines they are. What they have done is make it just really, really easy for the enemies of Islam to ridicule us and continue agendas against us. And there are people who say they are doing the right thing. Well, go live in Afghanistan under them.

Getting off soapbox now and hope you all had a blessed Eid and may we all grow in righteousness and good works.

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