Supporters of apartheid in Palestine criticize Afghanistan
Islamic Association of Palestine News, 23 May 2001
Occupied Jerusalem - The national director of an American zionist group known as the Anti-Defamation League, Abraham Foxman, has harshly attacked the government of Afghanistan for alleged discriminatory measures against non-Muslims in the beleaguered Islamic country.

Foxman, who actively supports apartheid in Palestine and advocates the expulsion of all non-Jews from Palestine, reportedly compared alleged anti-Hindu discrimination in Afghanistan to the so-called holocaust.

The manifestly corrupt analogy and other blatant statements against Islam by prominent Jewish leaders are ostensibly meant to incite western, especially American, public opinion against Islam.

The western press reported this week that the Taliban government of Afghanistan was contemplating asking members of the tiny Hindu community in Afghanistan to wear distinctive signs.

However, Taliban officials denied the reports, calling them "Zionist disinformation aimed at besmirching Islam's image."

The right-wing  English newspaper "the Jerusalem Post," a mouthpiece for Jewish settlers and other Israeli fascist groups,  quoted Foxman as urging the international community to speak out against Taliban.

American Jewish leaders are always outspoken against alleged human rights violations when anti-zionist elements are the villains.

However, the same leaders remain astonishingly silent when Israel, the world's last remaining apartheid regime, indulges in systematic discrimination against non-Jews in general and Palestinians in particular.

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