Who are the Taliban Defying?
By M. Anis Motiwala, 4 March 2001
Whether it is a tangible object like a statue or an abstraction or idea - when it assumes the proportions of claiming ideological reverence...becomes an object of worship irrespective of whether one bows before it or claps applause on the basis of reverence...both become forms of worship.

I for one would not have known what the status of the idols being demolished by Taliban was until the world raised a hue and cry in unison in its favor and reverence. It indeed now seems that it is the idols of worship that are being demolished. Worship of history, of mankind itself, of self! And there is none worthy of worship but Allah...from Him have we come and unto Him is the return. This is every Muslim's undisputed belief.

Taliban are not extracting any hidden treasures from underneath these statues nor are they going to benefit materially from this act in any way. What is it that these people are doing? Is there a message that is being transmitted to the world?

Yes there is. The very fact that they are undertaking an act that has no economic or materialistic motive despite world opposition is in itself a very potent defiance of the ideology of "follow the rising sun." It is not the demolition of stone statues then that is causing the hue and cry, it is the defiance of the current world order! Taliban are openly demolishing the belief system of the forces of darkness! They are defying the ideology, not of the Buddhists, but of the western powers!

The message seems to be as clear as daylight...and precisely the very reason of chagrin of those it is aimed at: Believers of Islam will choose to defy the powers of darkness at the time and manner of their own choice!

Fitrat kay maqaasid ki kartaa hay nigehbaani
Ya banda-e-sahraaee ya mard-e-kohistaani

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