India has no right to denounce Taliban
By Aamir Sayed, P. O. Box  30027, Doha, Qatar
I am indeed appalled by the shameless rhetorics of the Indian leaders like Jaswant Singh and Vajpayee against the Talibans decision to destroy the statues of Buddha. Without justifying the Taliban move, we, as Indian Muslims, are at once reminded of that black day of Dec. 6, 1992 when Babri Masjid  a five hundred centuries old place of worship, was demolished in broad daylight by these same people and their ilk fully backed by the government of the day as well as the protectors of law - the police and the armed forces.

I question what right has India got to condemn the Taliban when it itself has committed a crime greater than that of the Taliban. Babri Masjid was an active mosque for centuries compared to the lifeless statues of Buddha in Bamiyan.

200 millions of Indian Muslims were attached to the Babri Masjid while ther is not a single Buddhist inhabitant in Afghanistan. Thousands of members of minority communities were systematically killed in India compared to not a single reported attack on any minority member in Afghanistan.

Wasn't the demolition  of Babri Masjid a regression into medieval barbarism? Wasnt the systematic killings of members of minority communities a sacrilege to humanity?. Isnt it India that first qualifies for such terminologies used against the Taliban by Mr. Jaswant Singh?

Lastly, the Associated Press reported on Feb 28 there are no Buddhists living in Afghanistan. Other than Muslims there are only Hindus and Sikhs and Muttawakil promised their temples would be protected. There also is one elderly Jewish rabbi, who stays in Kabul to protect a synagogue, which is a small house in the center of the city. The Taliban have not prevented him from practicing his religion. And believe it thats an assurance coming from what is described as an extremist, fundamentalist and fanatical regime.

While ironically India, so-considered as a great secular, democratic regime has practically failed to guarantee on any of these counts. Besides the demolition of Babri Masjid should the international community also forget, burning alive of Graham Staines, torching  of churches and rampant discrimination against the lower castes?

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