Taliban Ambassador: Complete Surprise for NPR
New Trend Magazine Review by Dr. Teepu Siddique, Chicago
"Answer the Oppressors with the power of eloquence." (Prophet Muhammad)

One of America's top scientists in the field of  genetics research, Dr. Teepu Siddique, listened to Br. Rahmatullah Hashemi's interview with National Public Radio's "TALK OF THE NATION" program (March 21). The following is his summary of the interview with brief comments:

Afghanistan's Islamic ambassador, Sayed Rahmatullah Hashemi, seems to have taken National Public Radio by complete surprise. Probably the NPR people thought that this man in baggy trousers, a huge turban and a large beard will be a walkover for them and they will have fun with him and ridicule him from coast to coast. The outcome was quite different.

Ambassador Hashemi was very learned not only about Afghanistan but also about America. He was calm and thoughtful and each point he made was unforgettable.

Here are his main points:

1. Afghanistan has its own "parliament"  consisting of 700 ulema. They decided to demolish the statues after careful consideration.

2. The demolition verdict was taken owing to the United Nations' agencies refusing to help sick and dying children while wanting to spend a huge amount on the upkeep of the statues.

3. The Taliban have done more for the education, respect and peaceful existence of women than any previous regime. More needs to be done as the whole country was a wreck when the Taliban took over.

3a. Women are active in Afghanistan in every field.

3b. The Taliban are against western style education where men and women mix freely.

4. The western NGO's have played a dastardly role in Afghanistan, including the abduction of Afghan women to overseas pleasure spots. This cannot be tolerated. Freedom of prostitution is not allowed in Afghanistan.

5. Women in America who are so concerned about Afghanistan should travel there and start schools for women because these are badly needed in many areas.

6. It's not true that foreign journalists are barred. One journalist was barred when she started publishing information inciting conflict between between different tribes of Afghanistan.

7. IN AMERICA, 65 years or so back, women did not have the right to vote. In Afghanistan, even basic literacy has to be provided. (Taliban took over only in 1996.) Step by step we will move forward. Surely Americans can understand this in view of their own history.

8. Osama bin Laden was already in Afghanistan. The Taliban cannot be blamed for him. They are willing to see any evidence against him but will not mistreat a guest.

8a. The U.S. justice system says a person is innocent until proven guilty, yet the U.S. DECIDED (without trial) that Osama WAS GUILTY and TRIED TO KILL OSAMA BY FIRING ROCKETS INTO AFGHANISTAN. This was an attempted assassination (in violation of international law) in which 19 Afghans were killed.

Ambassador Hashimi represents Afghanistan's new generation. He is only 24 years old but knows 4 languages and can hold his own in any forum. He was in a refugee camp when the Taliban movement began and he willingly joined them.

A sister "Nancy" called in from Virginia. NPR's interviewer thought this must be a vengeful anti-Islam woman but when she got on the air, she greeted the ambassador in Islamic language and thanked him for his words. She was a Muslimah!

Ambassador Hashemi, New Trend Magazine greets you and thanks you for your spiritual qualities (the Sunnah of the Prophet, pbuh). May Allah keep you strong against the powers of Satan.

Dr. Teepu adds: Pakistani newspapers DAWN and the NEWS refuse to publish any criticism of their reports on Aghanistan. Between them, these two have published 18 condemnatory articles on the Taliban. They pretend that they have not received any response from the Islamic viewpoint. Like the New York Times, they TELL LIES BY OMISSION: pretending that theirs is the only viewpoint. These people have a record of lies against Islamic movements much worse than the Frontier Post which became the target of Muslim fury because it came out openly with an abusive article against the Prophet.

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