Book CoverLEARN FROM THE JEWS - The title of the book 'ARABS and ISRAEL - Conflict or Conciliation?' was the title of a debate between the author of the book and Dr. E. Lottem in 1982.  The topic of which was chosen by the Jews - more, detail in the next chapter 'HEADS I WIN - TAILS YOU LOSE!'

However, before reading on have a second look at the cover of the book - there's nothing contrived about it. The first, a Muslim woman has just retrieved her 'little David' from the clutches of the Israeli soldiers.  The second, a Jewish lad, perhaps the grandson of one who escaped the Nazi incinerators in Germany during the 'Holocaust'. His mission in life - with the prophetic words written on his helmet - 'BORN TO KILL!'

The only thing missing is the Swastika on his armband. What irony - the persecuted has now become the persecutor!

During one of my overseas flights and being restless as usual I had an insatiable hunger to read, browsing through all the English newspapers I could lay my hands on.  Next came the magazines 'Time,' 'Newsweek,' etc.; until, as destiny would have it, I stumbled across a non-too-familiar magazine in which I read 'You deserve to know the facts about...... Jordan.'

I could not help but marvel at the ingenuity of our Jewish cousins. There is a lot we could learn from them. They are God's "guinea-pigs" for mankind. Learn from their history, in the Qur'an and the Bible.  Eschew their pride, their arrogance, their rebelliousness which lead them to their repeated bandages.  Emulate their patience, their perseverance and their planning which brought Palestine under their control a second time.

The purpose of the advertisement was to brain-wash the intractable Jews and the Zionist Christians, and perhaps some Palestians, that Jordan is Palestine.  A diversion of the world's attention from the rape of Palestinian land by the Jews.  The world must keep debating on this issue overlooking the plight of the victims of Jewish greed and ambitions - the people of Gaza and of the West Bank. The motive was ignoble but the planning was great!

As the idea settled into my head the opportunity arose within days.  'For Allah is the Creator of opportunities'.

AWARD- WINNING PICTURE. I saw the following picture of Jewish oppression and repression in a local newspaper.  My attention was riveted to the fearful expressions on the victims of Jewish brutality and cried, "God! O God! How much longer must these people suffer?"

I do not cry easily, but the reality of the picture jolted my conscience, numbed my insensitivity and I broke down and wept. I knew then that anybody with an atom of compassion in his heart would feel the same or a little less. I was now more than enthusiastic to obtain the original of the photograph as the newspaper clipping was not good enough for reproduction.  I went to the News Editor of the newspaper in question and obtained the original photo in black and white.  Subsequently, I received a copy of the same in full colour which you now see below. The first step was taken, the rest followed as the day follows the night!

The Award-Winning Photograph


ESSAY COMPETITION. The initial challenge then was to get the photo published into the Zionist influenced Christian media, depicting their illegitimate offsprings committing atrocities and ruthless brutalities against the hapless Palestinians, whose only crime is that they are of a different race and culture and that they would not disappear or disintegrate as the Jews so desperately desire.  To publicize and highlight the plight of the oppressed Palestinian community from the ruthless policies of the survivors, and descendants of Hitler's Holocaust - the Jews of 'Israel,' an essay competition was devised, offering cash prizes to the winners.

The picture captioned 'FACE OF FEAR!' is asking the entrants to supply alternative caption and an impression in their own words.  Just stare into eyes of the little boy, study the terror filled face of the mother, and the gaping mouths of the fearful, awestruck, young Palestinian girls and you too cannot help but feel some of the fear.

Subsequently this very picture came to hand in colour and is used on the centre page with the cry of the Austrian-German Jew - Leopold Weiss.  A cry pointing a finger at the heart and soul of the Jewish nation.

If the picture, read with the complaint does not move one to tears, then there is something wrong with our humanity noticeable only in sadists and perverts!

JEWISH REACTION. The Zionists got the wind of our advertising campaign through their agents and sympathisers in the right places and succeeded in gagging a number of newspapers from publishing the fully paid advertisement.  See reproduction of their success - 'PUBLISH@ IT OR NOT!' The media which did publish the adverts created an unimaginable uproar from the Jews. A hue and cry was heard from the 'CHOSEN PEOPLE,' labelling us as 'Anti-Zionists!' 'Anti-Semites!' See below 'Anti-Israel advert enrages S.A. Jews' The Argus.

The Argus Newspaper Clipping

Cape Times Newspaper Clippings

Our seeback Jewish cousins are most generous in conferring the shameful title of 'Anti-Semite' on anyone disagreeing with them. It has become a magic wand in their hands and which can bring the Christian world to their heels with the mere threat of labelling them as such. It conjures up in the Christian mind: Hitler, the holocaust, the pogroms, the massacre of thousands of innocent men, women and children simple because they were Jews. Reagan - Israel my son! Here I come!

Every year at Easter, the Christian world went on a rampage. "Kill the Jews!" "Christ Killers!" "They killed our god!" A thousand years of murder and rapine have now begun to twinge the Christian conscience. And 'Anti-Semite' is the magic word that cloaks every Jewish crime. The Western world will blink at every Jewish atrocity for fear of being labelled by them. The Israelis like their godfather, ex-President 'Rambo' Reagan, can do no wrong! They remain forever immaculate!

What a Tribute! Listen to what Senator Claude Pepper has to say about his won 'Teflon' President, as he calls him. Will President Bush be able to extricate his administration from the 'Jewish Lobby' which Reagan his predecessor has bequeathed him? We pray that justice and wisdom will prevail in Bush's dealing with Israeli inhumanities against the helpless Palestinians.

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