Kosova & Kashmir: Muslims Must Share the Blame
By Jamaaluddin al-Haidar

As salaamu alaikum, Twenty-something years ago, when my parents reverted to Islam, I was an adolescent teen. I was a child of the black nationalist/liberation movement of the 60's, who refused to stand for the pledge of allegiance to the US flag. This patriotic display of love for massa and his 400 years of brutalizing us, was customary and mandatory at the start of public school classes in those days. I always felt that black children should be exempt from it because the constitution at that time (and still does) defined blacks as three-fifths of a human being. I was once expelled from elementary school for convincing the entire class to pledge allegiance by placing their hands on their butts instead of over their hearts.

I was the kid on the playground who challenged the school bully saying "you can't whip me 'cause I'm a revolutionary!".....I got whipped often.... but I was still a revolutionary. While the other kids wore cartoon stickers and buttons, I wore "Free Huey" and "Africa for Africans" buttons.

I was the kid who won the school speech contest with my own anti-Vietnam War and memorial tribute to the innocent victims of the Mai Lai massacre. When school officials convinced me to change the topic to a more palatable one for the citywide DAR- (Daughters of American Revolution) sponsored contest, I submitted a speech to the lily-white, ultra-conservative group on Benjamin Franklin, only to scrub it and recite the anti-Vietnam War speech once I got on stage before the judges and audience. Needless to say, I was disqualified and summarily escorted from the auditorium...but I had my victory...because afterall.....I was a revolutionary.

I thought the revolution started in 1969. I didn't realize that the 1969 riots in Detroit were just that until I was in high school and happened to see a copy of the Congressional Committee Report. My memories of those fateful days and nights were re-kindled as I read the report. Memories filled with visions of being shoved under a table while the house filled with gun toting, black beret-wearing men and women who were shooting out of the windows at someone or something on the street...daylight brought visions of armored cars and tanks full of white soldiers patrolling through my neighborhood shouting and pointing weapons in what was a 24-hour vigil.

Nearly a decade later, I'm experiencing culture shock, as I sit on the floor of a masjid full of people that don't look or talk like me. They are unbelievably courteous and friendly. They hug and kiss me a lot, and even hold my hand. Soon I see a box being passed around, it has Arabic writing on it. I don't understand this foreign language but I see men putting money into it. So I reach into my pocket and pull out a dollar and place it in the box. Minutes later I see another box being passed around. For a moment, it reminded me of the times my grandmother would take me to church and the how I complained about the collection plate being passed around four and five times during one service. I said to myself "here we go again.... another one of these money-grabbing schemes in the name of religion".

As the second box eased closer to me, I reached into my pocket and pulled out another dollar. That's when I saw it. On the box was the same kind of strange script that I could not understand. However, underneath the script was a drawing of an opened book, a rifle, and a grenade. I realized then that there was another component to this strange religion. I realized that my parents had not "sold-out". They didn't abandon the revolution/liberation movement. They "graduated" and added the one component that was missing from the movement all of those years....Islam.

Soon I would learn that there is no struggle (jihad) greater than for the pleasure of Allah....for raising the banner of Tawheed....for the liberation of his people from institutions and debilitating systems of man and establishing his sovereignty in the land.

Recently, some twenty-something years later, I visited the same masjid. I spent a few days with the jamaat. The place has changed a lot in 20 years. The believers have changed. They regularly host kaffir politicians there now. They even distributed a list of their approved candidates. They put a Jewish lawyer at the top of the ticket for governor and then distributed the list of candidates (all of whom are kaffir) as the "Muslim slate."

I witnessed one such gathering there that really surprised me. A visiting Shaikh was addressing the audience. The mayor of the city, who arrived late, entered the meeting hall, and in the middle of the Shaikh's talk, the place erupted in applause and standing ovation for the mayor.

They don't raise money for weapons anymore. Instead they lobby the kaffir politicians and beg them to use their weapons and sacrifice the lives of their beloved sons and daughters to defend the Muslims. However, they do appease their guilt-conscious somewhat by throwing money at agencies that feed and clothe the besieged Muslims. But what about liberation? Where has the liberation box gone?

In their literature, one of the Christian relief agencies use the phrase "if you give a man a fish you feed him for one day. If you teach a man how to fish, you feed him for a lifetime".

Muslims should say " If you give a besieged Muslim, food, clothing, and shelter you make him a fed, clothed, and sheltered slave. If you give him Quran and Sunnah, a rifle, and a grenade, the besieged Muslim will liberate himself....feed himself, cloth himself, and not be put out of his own house!"

Muslims must re-discover and implement jihad bis saif, as well as the support and defense of mujahideen as serious obligatory duties in this Deen. We must stop making excuses for that which Allah has ordained in Qur'an and that which his Messenger utilized in his seerah. We must stop permitting some of our spineless Muslim leaders from making excuses and adopting an apologetic posture towards jihad bis saif as well.

We must develop and promote the attitude that it is an honor and blessing to support and defend the mujahideen. If necessary we must make seventy excuses for them and not permit the Zionist media and the Zionist-occupied governments and their stooges in Muslim nations to castrate these mujahideen from the body of the believers. We must also beware of madhaabs and those anti-madhaab folks who are just as dangerous. Their arrogance and clique mentality and exclusivity can effectively cause the naive amongst us to abandon the mujahideen also. More effectively than Zionist media in some cases.

Our brothers and sisters in Kosova and Kashmir are under some very dire circumstances. Throwing money at the problem will help some but it won't bring about any solution to the crisis. Our mission, just as it should've been in Bosnia, should be a two-pronged mission. Surely there is the humanitarian need that must be met, however, there is also the long-term need for liberation that must also be met.

In addition to collecting monies, food, medical, and other needed supplies and delivering it to our brothers and sisters we must also mount political pressure on our Islamic leaders at home and on the leaders of the Muslim nation-states.

We first have to free our leaders from the shackles of petro-dollars and other pimps overseas that have "turned out" so many of them that they can hardly speak a word of their own volition. Those leaders who don't want to be independent of their masters overseas should be replaced one way or the other.

Free-thinking leaders should organize a mass campaign of protest against those embassies and consulates representing Muslim nation-states who have thus far issued at best, only veiled threats, all the while neglecting to use their armies and weapons to liberate the Muslims of Kosova and Kashmir.

The least that we can do is what I have done. Fax, write letters or send email to these embassies and consulates demanding that they aid the liberation of Muslims with moral, logistical, and physical support. Is this so hard to do? If we can send faxes to kuffar begging them to bomb our enemies and to rescue our own, we certainly should be able to send them to the Muslim organizations and the representatives of the Muslim nation-states. We must remind them of the Treaty of Hudaybiyyah and the consequences that led to it being abolished. We must demand that they declare "null and void" these UN treaties that usurp their sovereignty and aid and abet the kuffar at the expense of the Muslims. These leaders have no authority to make the Muslim populations of their nation-states subservient to these illegal Treaties.

Understand brothers and sisters, that if the rape and maiming of Muslim girls in Bosnia and Kashmir, the torturous agonizing starvation of Muslims of Iraq, and the abandonment of the Islamic Solution in Philistine has not moved these leaders to do anything, they will need to be pressured. We do this on two fronts....

1. the souci-political one - mass protest against the representative bodies of these Muslim nation-states and charging them with capitulation to illegal treaties and abandoning Muslims under siege. Identifying, exposing and protesting against their agents and "money men" in the local Muslim communities.

2. the physical one - identifying and supporting the legitimate Islamic movements that are simmering in their own homelands.

As Muslims we must began to understand that these knee-jerk, poorly-thought out and poorly-planned responses that we are so quick to adopt are merely sad imitations of kufr policies and procedures. Are we like the donkey with loads of books on his back? Because he's only carrying the books instead of utilizing them for guidance he is subject to the whims of anyone who comes along and yanks on his bridle. We have Quran, Hadith, and an extensive Islamic history that we can call on to solve most of these problems.

If my brother has a blister wound I have antiseptics and anti-biotics yet I choose to only clean the wound and give him a bandage, I have only treated the symptom. I've done nothing for his long-term welfare. If we don't act more sensibly towards the long term interests of our brothers and sisters we are part to blame for their suffering. I pray Insha Allah, that we will finally begin to utilize what Allah has blessed us with.

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