Jewish settlers urge  occupation army to turn Bethlehem into concentration camp for Muslims, Christians
From the Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP)
Occupied Jerusalem: 21 March, 2001 (IAP News) - Leaders of Jewish settlers in the West Bank have called on the Israeli occupation army to turn the city of Bethlehem "into a concentration camp in order to teach the Arabs an unforgettable lesson."

The calls were made during the funeral procession of Baruch Cohen, the Jewish settler who was ambushed by unknown assailants believed to be Palestinian resistance fighters two days ago.

"We urge Tsahal (the Israeli army) to narrow their horizons, to build a wall around Bethlehem, and if necessary to turn the entire city into a concentration camp in order to teach the Arabs an unforgettable lesson," said Etan Golan, head of the local council at the settlement of Efrata south-west of Bethlehem.

"They should be confined to the city and left to rot, the army should smash their heads and break their necks."

Settler leaders on Wednesday met with four racist ministers in Sharon's government and reportedly complained to them that the security situation was deteriorating.

The settlers also demanded that the government adopt "tougher measures against Palestinians irrespective of international criticisms."

Palestinians throughout the West Bank call Jewish settlers "Jewish Nazis," given the brutal ugliness and racism of their perceptions of non-Jews in general and Palestinians in particular.

The settlers have murdered scores of Palestinian civilians, including children, since the outbreak of the Palestinian intifada.

On Friday, Jewish settlers from the settlement of Navi Yaccoub in occupied East Jerusalem reportedly stoned a 10-year-old Palestinian child to death as he was playing soccer near the settlement.

The Israeli police refused to launch an investigation into the gruesome crime, arguing that "we are facing a war and in war excesses take place."

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