Ruling on Muslims Demonstrating
Source: Islam-Qa.Com
Question: The Muslim community here in southern Sweden has decided to hold a demonstration of solidarity with the Palestinian people. The demonstration will be peaceful, aimed at conveying the voice of the Muslims to the Swedish government, to put pressure on them to stop the massacres of the children of the Palestinian people. What is the ruling on such demonstrations? We would like to inform you that these demonstrations will play a great role and be very effective in conveying the views of the Muslims to the politicians, to put pressure on the Zionist government to put a stop to the massacres of the children in Palestine. Please advise us, may Allaah reward you with good.

Answer: Praise be to Allaah. There is nothing wrong with the Muslims coming together and going out to the kaafirs to denounce a particular matter and to declare their opposition to it, and to ask the kaafirs to get involved to put a stop to it, if this method will be of some benefit. There is also the condition that the demonstrations should be free of things that are forbidden in sharee’ah, such as: women going out wearing adornment and make-up; using music in the demonstration; shouting slogans that are incorrect, such as “al-Quds (Jerusalem) is Arab and will remain Arab” (in fact, al-Quds is Islamic and is not for the Arabs only); stopping the demonstration in front of a kaafir’s tomb and placing bouquets of flowers on his grave; begging the kaafirs for help by using phrases that are humiliating to the Muslims; holding up pictures or effigies of people; doing wrong to others such as blocking the road or preventing people from passing by; using slanderous and insulting words that are not  permitted in sharee’ah; men and women mixing during the demonstration; imitating the kuffaar in any of their unique characteristics such as clothing or symbols that the demonstrators may wear; committing acts of aggression against the property of innocent people, such as destroying their shops or breaking their windows, or starting fires in public facilities, and other haraam actions. And Allaah knows best.

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