Demolition of Houses is a War against Civilians
13 April 2001
DID YOU KNOW THAT: Since 1967, Israel has demolished more than 7000 Palestinian homes in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza, leaving some 40,000 people homeless.

THAT: Since October more than 500 homes have been destroyed by tank fire, missiles and army bulldozers.

THAT: Last week alone, the Israeli Civil Administration demolished 28 houses on the West Bank.

THAT: This week its East Jerusalems turn: 19 houses belonging to Palestinians are slated for demolition.

THAT: House demolitions represent a cynical use of law and planning for purely political purposes.

THAT: Immediately after the 1967 war a third of the land in East Jerusalem was expropriated for Jewish building. Of the rest, more than half was frozen as green areas. Thus the 200,000 Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem are squeezed into small enclaves, unable to build modest houses on their own land, while the government builds tens of thousands of housing units for Jews only in the eastern part of the city.

THAT: Eighty percent of the building violations in Jerusalem occur in West Jerusalem; 80% of the demolitions happen in East Jerusalem. And while whole houses are demolished in the Arab sector, this never happens among the Jewish population.

THAT: This cruel policy of discrimination must stop! Every person has the basic human right to provide a decent shelter for ones family.

For More information on demolition of Palestinian Homes please see:

Use this information to let the world know what it taking place against the Palestinian people. For the sake of justice don't remain silent!

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