Israeli female conscript:
"Sometimes I feel we are Nazis"
Occupied Jerusalem: 17 March, 2001 (IAP News) - An Israeli female conscript, whose job is to search and frisk Arab women and children who come to visit their detained relatives in Israeli jails, told the Israeli paper "Yedeot Ahranot" on Friday that "I often feel we (Israelis) are Nazis."

"My job is to search and frisk some 500 Arab women and their children, I have to wear a bullet-proof vest and  plastic gloves, I search their personal belongings, their garments, shoes, and sensitive parts of the bodys. I notice their sullen hostility toward us, I see how tormented, how exhausted, how humiliated  they are, and I'm supposed to make no regret or remorse about it. I guess I sometimes feel we are Nazis."

The Israeli paper further quoted the soldier, identified as Helna Goldotsky, as saying that "I felt that I was behaving like an animal toward those Arabs."

"Sometimes I said to myself, enough, I can't continue to do like this to them, and at one point, I felt I was a victim, just like them."

Goldotsky went on to say that "when I was conscripted into the army I carried extremely right wing views about the Palestinians, I was brought up to think they are only a human mass, but suddenly I came to see humans, women and children, which made me change my earlier views. I felt they were oppressed."

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