Why don't you answer me O people of Power?
By Khilafah.com
While the Muslims all over the world look on with horror as the unarmed brave Palestinian children continually confront the heavily armed Israeli enemy, fatwas of many 'Ulama in the Arab and Islamic countries were issued declaring the individual obligation of Jihad on the Muslims against the Jews. We ask: 'On whom does this obligation fall?' Does it fall on unarmed individuals only? When those individuals go to the borders of the Jewish entity, will the rulers of the Islamic countries allow them to arrive there or will they arrest them and accuse them of terrorism and sabotage? Those rulers themselves are actually the guardians of the borders of the Jewish State. The situation may turn to become fighting between those individual Mujaahideen and the authority of these puppet rulers, just as Arafat's authority and the authorities neighbouring the Jewish State do.

Muhammad (saw) said "The blood of a Muslim is worth more than the Ka'aba and all its surroundings." which shows how Islam made the Muslims' blood a protected thing. And he (saw) showed the Muslims how this protection is to be practically achieved when he said "The Imam is but a shield with which  people protect themselves and from behind which they fight." And he (saw)showed us, by his great example, this protection in practice as he prepared the armies and sent them to protect the Muslim lands against the kuffar.

So the practical solution of Islam for the Israeli occupation is for the Islamic army to be unified under the leadership of the Khalifah who will use them to tear out the Jewish entity from its very roots from every hand span of the land of Palestine, and not just one hand span here and there. The problem with the Jewish State is one of existence and not one of borders. This solution is plausible, it is not fanciful as imagined by the rulers, the agents or the defeatist. Those who love life even in disgrace and humiliation.

And we ask the officers and soldiers of the Islamic armies, to whom do you owe allegiance? Is it to the secular rulers who pay your wages, or to Allah Ta'ala who gives you your rizq and the rulers' theirs? What did you imagine you were protecting all of these years? Does your uniform not clearly stand as a symbol of the secular, un-Islamic regimes? How have you slept whilst knowing of the oppression against your brothers and sisters in Chechnya, Kashmir and now most recently in bait-al-Maqdis, the land of Isra and the first of the two Qiblas? Who is more responsible to make the change,those who hold power or those who do not?

The Islamic armies have had $8,500,000,000 spent on them last year alone, nearly six times the puny Jewish state did spend. Did we imagine that Allah (swt) would gift us these weapons only to be turned in use against His orders?

Surely not! It is true that the Islamic armies together are the mighty fighting force in the region, and it is true that when the believers gather to help the cause of Allah, then He (swt) will help them.

"Assuredly Allah did help you in many battlefields and on the day of Hunayn: Behold! Your great numbers elated you, but they availed you naught: The land for all that it is wide, did constrain you, and you turned back in retreat. But Allah did pour His Calm on the Believers, and sent down forces which you saw not: He punished the disbelievers: thus does He reward those without faith. Again will Allah, after this, turn (in mercy) to whom He will: for Allah is oft-forgiving, Most Merciful." [TMQ 9:25-27]

O people of support, O Ansar, where are you? Why do you not answer the call of the Muslims to protect and defend? It is the same call of your beloved messenger Muhammad (saw) at Hunayn, so will you not remember your duty to fight and defend?

How esteemed would be those who help the cause of Islam; he (saw) said after hunayn “By him in whose hand is the soul of Muhammad, but for the migration, I should be one of the Ansar myself. If all men went one way and the Ansar another I should take the way of the Ansar, O Allah, send Your mercy on the Ansar, their sons and their sons' sons." The people wept until the tears ran down their beards and they said, "We are satisfied with the Messenger of Allah as our lot and portion."

Let us find satisfaction with the deen of Allah, His message who His Messenger and noble companions fought to propogate and protect.

O Allah, let us be the ones who are honoured by you ayah "Fight against them so that Allah will punish them by your hands and disgrace them and give you victory over them, and heal the breasts of a believing people" [TMQ At-Tauba:14].

O Allah, let us prove our love for you by protecting your beloved servants and establishing your beloved deen. “Say if you love Allah follow me, Allah will love you and forgive you your sins.” [TMQ 3:31]

Abu Hurairah narrates, "The holy Prophet has declared that: Allah will continue to accept the repentance of His creatures till the sun rises from the west." [Muslim]

So, O people of power, repent to Allah (SWT) for the sin of being witnesses over the elimination of the Shariah of Islam,of keeping silent over the banning of Jihad and of accepting to be the protectors of the borders that divide the Islamic Ummah instead of being the protectors of her Deen, her honour and her unity.

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