Zionist Chief Rabbi lashes out at Sheikh Qaradawi
The Islamic Association for Palestine, 1 November 2000
The  chief Rabbi of the Zionist regime,  Yisrael Meir Lou, has lashed out at  Muslim Ulema or religious scholars for "inciting Muslim masses against Israel."

Lou, who had issued a religious edict based on the Talmud permitting Israeli soldiers and settlers to kill non-combatant Palestinians, including children, castigated the renowned Egyptian scholar Yousef al Qaradawi for " inciting and mobilizing Muslim masses against Israel."

"I urge the government of Israel to ask the government of the United States to pressurize Arab states to stop allowing people like Qaradawi to stir anti-Jewish and anti-Israeli hysteria in the Arab world," Lou told the Israeli state-run television last night.

He added that "Israel shouldn't ignore extremist Muslim leaders in the Arab world and the dangerous role they play against Israel."

Lou  alleged that Qaradawi was among the most dangerous Muslim leaders "because he enjoys the respect of millions of Muslims around the world and his views are accorded a lot of weight."

Qaradawi, reached by telephone from his home in Qatar, described Lou's accusations as "without any foundation."

"What does this man expect us to do? Bless the killing of Palestinian children by Jewish soldiers and settlers, what would he do if Muhammed Durra was Jewish?"

He added "We are not against Jews for being Jews, they happen to be the usurpers of our land, the killers of our children, they are our oppressors and tormentors, this is why we are against them," he said.

Durra is the Palestinian child who was killed in a cold-blooded manner in the first week of the Palestinian intifada while cowering behind his father in a  futile attempt to shield himself from Zionist bullets.

The phantasmagoric images of his last moments on earth were screened throughout the world.

Qardawi, who lives in Qatar,  is hosted in a popular  weekly phone-in program called "al-sharia wal-hayat" "Islam and life" broadcast live on the Qatari satellite television, al Jazira.

Qaradawi has lately urged Muslim around the world to support their Palestinian brothers who facing the Zionist death machine with their stones and their bare hands.

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