British Muslims declare War on Selfridges

Selfridges have restocked the Ahava and other products made in Occupied Terrortories, and labelled as made in Israel. (see below for background information)

While we had influence in the stock being removed from the shelves, the Zionists have launched a mass campaign as expected and Selfridges have buckled under the pressure.

We must ALL fight back, we can with the Will of Allah WIN this battle, all we have to do is trust in Allah and do a little bit of hard work.
We are going to be working with The PSC campaign on this, as well as some other groups.

As Ever it is a game of numbers, and we need those numbers!

The Plan of Action is:

London based Isocs can you please contact Farooq asap, please mobilise your members.

The Palestinian voice is not being heard, but we can use our voices to tell their story, of how they are being dealt with unjustly. As Muslims it is our duty to maintain justice at all times. Palestine burns while we keep quiet. lets show them with our presence that Muslims are no longer asleep. All victory is from Allah and Allah alone, What Islam needs is the foot soldiers lets provide that.

Lets take this war to them.

If you would like to volunteer then please contact Saghir Hussain who will be the co-ordinator of this campaign on or 079712 77731.

As ever we encourage ownership on this egroup, if you have any suggestions/ideas then please feel free to contact me. The Ummah will continue to suffer untill each and every single one of us makes this personal and takes responsibility for those that are being opressed by the enemies of Islam.

Fi Amanillah
Shaz Amnir

Background information

Anti-Zionists boycott Selfridges
Q News, December 2001

Anti-Zionist organisations are calling for the boycott of Selfridges, the departmental store after it was revealed it was stocking products made in illegal Israeli settlements. Ahava toiletries, Beigal and Beigal pretzels and Yarden Wines are made in the West Bank and Golan Heights, but are being sold as ‘Made in Israel’.
In a statement from the Council for the Advancement of Arab-British Understanding (CAABU), spokesperson Chris Doyle said, “The EU and international positions make it clear that settlements are not part of Israel, and therefore are not covered by any trade agreement. By stocking such products, Selfridges is in effect assisting settlement expansion through subsidising the settler economy. Whilst settlement trade flourishes, Israel continues to strangle the Palestinian economy by denying it free access to the outside world.”
Requests for a meeting with the Chief Executive of Selfridges, Mr Vittorio Radice, have so far been ignored. “Attempts to resolve the long-running row over Israel's export of products manufactured in illegal settlements in the Occupied Territories have failed with some countries, most notably Britain and Germany, expressing reluctance to put increased pressure on Israel.”
CAABU recently sent evidence of Israel's violations of the EU/Israel Association Agreement and the Fourth Geneva Convention to the European Union. According to Dr Mazin Qumsiyeh, of Al-Awda, “The Israeli manufacturer and exporter AHAVA and its US counterpart AHAVA (USA) Inc. are good examples of how companies such as these, and by extension the Israeli government, violates basic rules of origin by issuing fraudulent certificates of origin. This puts the United States in a position that includes violation of international law.
Consistent with the obligations of the United States under international law, all trade relations with Israel have limited their scope of territorial applicability, on the part of Israel, to the ‘territory of the State of Israel’ excluding the occupied territories, and, therefore, Israeli settlements. This determination follows from Paragraph 49 of the Geneva Convention, to which the United States is a signatory.”
According to the European Commission, as in a communication drafted in May 1998, “Preferential access to Community markets for exports originating in Israeli settlements in the West Bank and Gaza Strip and those from East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights contravene agreed rules of origin because under public international law, these territories do not form part of the State of Israel.”
Protesters in and around London have organised regular pickets outside Selfridges, urging the store to stop “condoning the oppression of the Palestinian people and the occupation of its land, by selling products that are deceptively labelled to secure financial advantage, to the detriment of the Palestinians.”
Doyle warned however, “Selfridges is just one of many companies around the world, with such products on its shelves. Everything from avocados to cosmetics, made in the Occupied Territories could be and is being sold as Israeli and we are working very hard in identifying these establishments.”

Selfridges had temporarily withdrawn products



Selfridges today withdrew the sale of four products Achva Halva, Ahava toiletries, Beigal and Beigal pretzels and Yarden wines all made in the West Bank or Golan Heights regions. In a public statement it was announced that,
"Selfridges has taken the decision to withdraw the four products during the Christmas season in order to minimise disruption to our customers caused by leafleting and picketing outside our store. This decision will be reviewed in the New Year as part of our normal product review process."
The decision came after weeks of picketing and leafleting outside the Oxford Street store by campaigners from the Islamic Human Rights Commission and Palestine Solidarity Campaign.
A joint statement given by the Islamic Human Rights Commission's Massoud Shadjareh and Palestine Solidarity Campaign's Diane Langford said,
"We welcome Selfridges' decision and hope the decision is not a temporary one. Trading in these products is not only morally unacceptable due to the fact they are produced by illegal settlers in Occupied Palestine, but legally unlawful as they are being labelled and sold as Israeli goods, therefore receiving special tax concessions.
"Those who promote these products are financially strengthening and supporting illegal settlements. We have called off the planned picket for tomorrow, but will continue to monitor Selfridges and other stores, as we believe these types of products should not be sold in any high street store."
Islamic Human Rights Commission
Tel: +44-20-8902-0888

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