12 yr old boy SHOT DEAD in front of your eyes
Updated 9.48 p.m., 3rd Oct 2000
Recorded live, the incident below: In one of the most horrifying scenes shown on world television, 12-year old Muhammad Al-Dura was shot dead in cold blood by an Israeli sniper, while his father, Jamal, was trying to protect him from the hail of Israeli bullets. Shortly thereafter, when Palestinian Red Crescent Society ambulance driver Bassam Al-Balbisi, 45, approached the father and son in order to move them into an ambulance, he was shot and killed by the Israeli soldiers as well. Jamal, the father of five remaining children, is in critical condition, having sustained five bullets, to the upper thigh, pelvis, stomach, and lower leg.

The killings took place shortly after Israeli soldiers opened fire spontaneously and randomly on a group of Palestinian protestors near the illegal Israeli settlement of Netzarim. As the crowd dispersed in all directions, Mohammed and his father took shelter behind a concrete block, approximately 3ft. square. French Channel 2 cameraman, Talal Abu Rahma, who was positioned only a few meters away from the cowering father and son, captured the sequence of events on film. The footage, which was broadcast locally and internationally yesterday, clearly shows the father attempting to shield his son with his body, while calling and gesturing for the soldiers to cease firing. Moreover, the footage makes clear that neither the father, nor his young son, posed any threat whatsoever to the lives of the Israeli soldiers, an excuse routinely offered by Israeli military sources when justifying the killing of Palestinian civilians. Disregarding the father's pleas for help, Israeli military forces shot both the father and son in cold blood. Three other Palestinians were martyred yesterday as a result of the indiscriminate firing of the Israeli military forces near Netzarim settlement.

As of 9am 30th September, Israeli military forces have killed 23 Palestinians since confrontations erupted throughout the Occupied Palestinian Territories on Thursday, 28 September. This number includes 6 children: 3 from Gaza, 1 from Nablus, 1 from Ramallah, and 1 from Jerusalem, the latter of whom died yesterday as a result of injuries sustained on Friday. In addition, over 900 Palestinians have been injured. Of the total wounded, 14 remain in critical condition. According to DCI/PS documentation, no less than 206 Palestinian children were wounded in yesterday's confrontations alone.

Do you want to know why this boy was killed and who killed him? Find out at http://www.iap.org or Watch the Video

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Boy becomes Palestinian martyr

"Don't shoot" screams the boy's father Just moments after this picture was taken, Muhammad al-Durrah was shot dead.

And now the 12-year-old has become a new martyr for the Palestinian cause.

For 45 minutes, Muhammad's father tried in vain to shield him from gunfire as they crouched against a concrete wall near Netzarim in the Gaza Strip.  The whole scene was caught on camera by a France 2 cameraman, and has been played repeatedly on Palestinian television.

The footage shows the boy's father, Jamal al-Durrah, waving desperately to Israeli troops, shouting: "Don't shoot". But the terrified boy is hit by four bullets, and collapses in his father's arms.

An ambulance driver who tried to rescue the boy and his father was also killed, and a second ambulance driver was wounded.

Mr al-Durrah, who was also badly wounded, said his son died for "the sake of al-Aqsa mosque", the holy site in Jerusalem seen by the Palestinians as both sacred and sovereign territory.

"My son didn't die in vain," said his mother, Amal.

"This was his sacrifice for our homeland, for Palestine."

Caught in the fire Israeli officials have questioned whether the boy was killed by Israeli bullets, and said he could have been hit by stray Palestinian gunfire.

But witnesses say the Palestinian youths were armed only with stones, not guns, and the shooting was all from the Israeli side.

The video footage clearly shows that not only were the boy and his father completely unarmed, but they were not even part of the rioting.

Relatives say the pair were returning from Gaza's popular used-car market, and were trying to get home to the Buriej refugee camp where they live along with many thousands of Palestinians.

Image shocks world  The disturbing footage has been played throughout the Middle East, and on all major US television networks over the weekend.

A photo still from the video ran on the front page of the New York Times.

The newspaper quoted an Israeli journalist as saying he saw the footage for the first time as he was delivering the news on Saturday night.

"I lost my voice. I've been doing this for many years... But my brain went dead, and my tongue went limp. To see a little boy killed before your eyes," he said.

The British newspaper, The Independent, described it as "an image that will haunt the world as painfully and powerfully" as any of those from the Palestinian uprising or Intifada.

Do you want to know why this boy was killed and who killed him? Find out at http://www.iap.org

Israeli army spokesperson admits: "we killed Rami Al-Durra"
Press Release from Islamic Association for Palestine

Occupied Jerusalem: October 3/00 - An Israeli army spokesman has admitted that Israeli soldiers murdered the Palestinian child Rami Al-Durra on Sunday.

The spokesman claimed the soldiers were responding to stone throwing and didn't notice the child and his father who were taking cover against a wall from Israeli bullets.

However, the Zionist spokesman didn't say why the soldiers, after killing the terrified child, subsequently fired on his equally terrified father, and then killed the ambulance driver, Bassam Balbisi, who sought to take them to hospital.

The haunting and graphic image of the cold-blooded murder was shown in slow sequence  on TV screens around the world. The phantasmagoric images clearly show that the murder was intentional, premeditated, and extremely nefarious. 

Israeli settlers murder 18-month-old baby near Nablus
Source: Islamic Association for Palestine

Occupied Jerusalem: October 2/00 - Israeli settlers last night (Sunday night) murdered Rania Abdul Haq, an 18-month-old Palestinian baby when a group of trigger-happy Jewish settlers riddled the car in which the baby was riding with bullets.

Rania immediately died, as several bullets penetrated her skull. Moreover, her cousin, a five years old child also sustained moderate injury in the attack.

Jewish settlers have gone on the rampage, with Israeli army approval, throughout much of the West Bank.

The settlers reportedly  killed a Palestinian laborer at the El-Sammou junction south west of Hebron Monday morning, as he was on his way to work.

Settlers have been an active role in firing at the Palestinians from the rooftops of buildings adjacent to the Aqsa Mosque and also from building in downtown Hebron where the settlers had seized several buildings.

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