U.S.A. threatens Colombia with 'consequences' over UN vote
Reuters, 29 March 2001
This is how the UN works. The USA, the only real superpower in the world today, will have its way no matter what, either through bribes or outright threats. Even the non-aligned movement of the south is toothless nowadays. There are dozens of examples of the US doing this to countries who go against its dictates.  In this case the message is clear, "support Israel or we will cut you off." With massive unemployment and debt burdens these poor countries many times don't have any choice but to buckle under US demands.

WASHINGTON - The United States said Thursday that Colombia's UN Security Council vote in favor of an international observer force in the West Bank and Gaza Strip would have consequences for relations with Washington.

"We made it very clear that their vote in the UN will have consequences. We will be following that up," said Assistant Secretary of State Edward Walker. He was answering a question from Rep. Robert Wexler, a Florida Democrat, who said that it was time for the United States to hold accountable countries like Colombia which receive hundreds of millions of dollars a year in U.S. aid.

The United States vetoed the resolution on the grounds that it was unbalanced and unworkable. The resolution, opposed by Israel, would have recommended unarmed observers to monitor violence between Israel and the Palestinians, although in practice none would have been sent amid the uprising.

Colombia is a leading member of the Non-Aligned Movement of mainly developing nations, which formed a block in the Security Council to back the Palestinians. Diplomats said it would have been difficult for Colombia's ambassador to break ranks with Non-Aligned Movement colleagues Jamaica, Singapore, Bangladesh, Mali, Mauritius and Tunisia.

State Department officials said later they did not know what consequences the United States had in mind for Colombia, which receives U.S. aid for its campaign to crack down on the drug trade and make peace with leftist guerrillas.

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