Man's Best Kept Secret: Revealed
By: Aaron Greenwich, 17, e-mail address unknown

I'm real mad. Because ever since March 3rd 1998, I've been searching for a point in my life. That day in March, I went to this know, one of those parties with high power music rockin the house, plenty of booze and endless variations of drugs, and plenty of (well, to put it mildly) shameless girls and drunk boys equals? So I guess I smoked too many joints, and I ended up in the hospital for three weeks. That gave me time to think over life.

Okay, we are born, grow older, wiser, and each of us develops our own personalities for better or worse. We all try to reach the top of the world and either we do or we spend our lives trying to. Basically we live to have more, always. Don't u see? You wake up, get dressed make yourself look good, go to school come back do your homework, have some fun and to sleep. And it never changes. All right, then u graduate and go to work or raise some kids.

But it keeps repeating. U know that saying, "History repeats itself?" It does, but then we die. Now for some reason humans spend so much time pondering over every single atom on earth except death.

I know it scares them. Why wouldn't it? It happens to everyone and no one knows why. Well, MOST people don't know why. But I do. You think all those d*** cruel people who lived on this earth (I can name millions) will get away with everything they did? And those few good will go un-rewarded?

So anyway we die. We leave behind everything. EVERYTHING. You think that the Porsche u spent your whole life trying to get is going with u? The only things that're going with u are your burial clothes and coffin, if that even.  And there is one other thing, but it's unseen. Your deeds. ALLLL the things u did in this life, good and bad, go with you. And so we're in the grave. What happens to you in the grave is another story but basically your body rots. I mean your "this life" body. The body that we had for (if we are lucky) 80 years is gone and with it our doings!

Alright so you're out of the picture. Gone. Then, fellow Americans, if we are not here to live life like a party....whats the point? WHY DO WE LIVE?

Why do so many people commit suicide? Because they never  had the answer to the above question. Some people know. Some. And its man's best kept secret.

I know what your thinking. "Oh god he's gonna preach us on religion." Not exactly ;)

It's a WAY OF LIFE, and what if I told u its called ISLAM? I'm Christian. But Christianty is a RELIGION not a WAY OF LIFE. 80% of Americans are "Christians", but sad to say, look at them. Homosexuality, suicide, drugs, adultery, even among their own preachers is common. I should know.

The old pastor at my church got kicked out for molesting a child. I'm not attacking anyone. I'm saying the facts.  Besides that, it doesn't make sense. Neither do the other million "religions" found on this earth. They all claim to be simple religions, usually claiming belief in one god.

But they are lacking in on truth, the facts.

Alright, Aaron get on to your point. Sure. What was my 1st sentence? I'm real mad. Why? Cause everyone knows about Islam. And they ignore it, hide it. Why did I learn everything in school except Islam? From Greek God sh** to Buddha.

If u read one verse of Islam's book you will believe me. Guaranteed. Because it is the Truth. And its man's best-kept secret. They hide it because it reminds them of the TRUE PURE REAL point of life....They want us to be just like them, monsters in disgiuse, filthy, do every sin under the sun and call it a "life". I will not fall again into that trap most of us fell into. I have a life. I have Islam.

I'm sorry Jean, Dad and mostly Gramps, a pious Christian who tried to change my views. Im stepping down from my old way of life AND my old religion. I started this letter as a Christian but I end it as a Muslim.

" I bear witness that there is no God worthy of worship except Allah and Muhammad is the last messenger.


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