Letter to the All Muslims

Unfortunately, Muslims deserve part of the ill-reputation that plaques Islam. How long can we blame the Westerners OR their media before looking inward? Pay attention to our own people - so many give others reasons to believe Islam is oppressive and unjust. Consider the husband who won't let his beaten wife apply for a passport, the "Islamic Government" that won't let women drive, the "jihad-ers" who attack men with inadequate beards, fathers who circumcise their little girls and the bearded immigrant who thinks blowing up public buildings, killing innocent people - even women and children, is going to prove anything besides their own irresponsibility.

Our Ummah increasingly needs to not only study but apply the Quranic principles of peace, love, forgiveness, brotherhood and rights of women before we "lecture" others; or else WE ARE ALL CULPRITS IN THIS WAR AGAINST ISLAM. Let's not be living examples of horrid misconceptions and lies about Islam - let's be examples that will invite Non-Muslims to learn about the TRUE Islam. The world around us has just ushered in the new Millenium. More than 1400 years have passed since the Holy Prophet Muhammad was sent to set any example for mankind but how very far we have deviated from it.

Dawah Tools

The Internet is a VERY powerful tool. Click here to read about it.

The Prophet was limited by land and water yet still spread Islam to all the continents within his lifetime. Today our means are unlimited. With the click of a button we can send the message of Islam to any non-Muslim home via a computer.

Murder comes from Hate,
Hate comes from Fear,
Fear comes from Ignorance.

Islam is wrongly accused of instructing its followers to be backward, violent, illiterate and extremist. When the truth of the matter is that Islam is pure but Muslims with distorted practices are not!

Misinformation is prevalent in text books, fiction and non-fiction material, reference books, encyclopedias, magazines, journals, newspapers, television and radio shows.

Let us look at a few examples:

1. A medical encyclopedia published in Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A., mentions Prophet Muhammadís name (pbuh) among those famous people who were EPILEPTIC.

2. A church publication in 1981 mentions the Islam in its early Period in the following words: "The moral looseness of the new faith, the might of the sword, the fanaticism of the new religion, the shrewdness of Muhammad, the hope of plunder, the love of wealth, the idea of a sensual paradise have been among the causes for the spread of Islam which today embraces one sixth of the world's population."

3. A fourth grade history text book published in U.S.A. has an article about Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) with the title, "A CAMEL DRIVER". 

The same article tells children 9 to 10 years of age about the status of women in Islam in the following words: "...they believe that women should be slaves to men and that they thought a man might have as many wives as he wished, all at one time."

The author tells children about the spread of Islam, "...very soon they began to force others to become Moslems whether they wanted or not. Like the highway robber who says, "Money or your life", they gave everyone a choice, "Money or your life, or be a Muslim."

Obviously adults and children who read the kind of material would not want to know anything more about Islam.

Our responsibility is to help open the minds of people so that they read and learn the truth about Islam before they even think about accepting it.

The responsibility of Muslims is to make efforts to remove such fabricated material from circulation so that the minds of people are not poisoned about Islam but rather opened to Islam and the atmosphere becomes more amenable to Muslims.

This is a Fard Kifaayah, if no one does it the entire Muslim Ummah, particularly those living in the West, will be accountable to Allah for their collusion with anti-Islamic forces through their inaction (i.e. losing by default)

It is our responsibility to change this very wrong opinion. We have to show that Islam is NOT represented by a small group of fundamentalists.

Please encourage able Muslim brothers and sisters to use this very powerful tool to defend and spread Islam.

How You Can Help

1. Please tell as many people as you can about this website so they may access the information for themselves.

2. Please copy any article you want from this website and e-mail them to others in order to spread information quickly and effectively.

3. Please keep yourself informed so you may speak up on behalf of Islam when need be. 

4. Speak up and be heard!

5. Please read through the relevant text books used in your school district from KG to high school, college books and reference material and see what the author has to say about Islam Muslims. If you come across anything erroneous or even doubtful make a photocopy of the page, write down the names of books, author, publisher, year of publication or edition and school district where the book is used and send the information to the The Institute of Islamic Information & Education. The Institute will take it from there and will try to keep you informed of the action taken. For North Americans, CAIR does GREAT similar work, please visit them at http://www.cair-net.org 

Currently there are about 10 Christians for every 1 Muslim on the Net. It is a Muslim obligation to perform Daw'ah and the Internet is a very fast, fun and powerful way to do it.

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