Islam and The Media

Title of Article Source
Why Muslims believe - also includes audio interview BBC
Lifting the veil on discrimination in the UK BBC
Religious discrimination ban urged BBC
Should the West do more to understand Islam? BBC
Muslims in America Seattle Times
Muslim with a Mission - Jeffrey Lang Detroit News
Once Christian, now Muslim Seattle Times
Ramadan Detroit News
Modern Muslims going spiritual online Detroit News
Islam's sacred script survives the centuries Detroit News
War In Chechnya fueled by US dollars Boston Globe
Islam's thriving spirit Chicago Tribune
Muslim festival marks plea to be heard BBC
Projects Help Youths Learn Muslim Feats Los Angeles Times
A Friendlier Face for Islam Washington Post
Activist stresses Muslim values to Penn State students Daily Collegian
Muslims discuss their experiences with their faith at Northwestern U. Daily Northwestern
Interview with Ahmed Deedat - Excellant! Nida'ul Islam Magazine
The Muslim Mainstream U.S News
The New Islam Newsweek

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