Amazing Miracles
All photographs of the German forest phenomena and the case of the Shahadah formed by the air tubes in our lungs have been removed because their authenticity is questionable. Please click here to read an e-mail regarding the removed pages.
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    From: Ragaei Elgamil
    Subject: miracles

    Alsalumu Alykum wa rahmatu ALLAH wa Barakatu,

    I am writing to you my sister in islam to express my gratitude and respect to your self for the very good effort you making here to promote understanding and daawa for islam.

    I am originaly from Egypt and I live currently in Australia. I have seen your section about miracles and the pictures you showed. I refer in particular to the picture of the German farm and the human lung.

    First of all I would like to tell you that as muslims we need no extra proof that ALLAH exists. Daawah to islam has never been by showing extra terristial mericales it has been and will always be by showing the muslims life style and by good example and on top of all of that by good manners in reasoning with others.

    I am sorry for this long introduction, basically what I want to say is that those pictures are fake ones. Ten years ago there was a frenzy between muslims in Egypt to buy those pictures and was sold every where. One day one of my relatives bought one of them and was quite impressed of the pictures. I told him what those picture will do for you, if you realy beleive in ALLAH. He said it only a stange thing. Any way few weeks later I was lestinning to one of the local radio stations, I heard some one -I know personaly- his name is Dr. Sayed Al-Khudari. Dr. Al-Kudari is a medical practioner and is very well known of his artistic interest and islamic background. Dr. Al-khudari mentioned that some people took few of his pictures that he draw with his own hands and wrote a story around it. He said he doesn't know who is the publisher and he doesn't care if any one use it, but it gives a very bad image about islam and muslims. It basically show us as stubid people who can beleive any thing they could be told.

    I could not beleive what I heard but straight away I went to one of Dr. Al-Kudari art galleries. I found these two pictures with his own signature on each of them. The two pictures are the one in your web site with the German farm and the other one is the human lung picture.

    I am realy sorry my sister in islam, I might have disappointed you but I realy urge you to remove the pictures from your web site. With all the facts you have in your web site any little lie will show the whole web site as a big lie.

    You may need to investigate my claim by contacting Dr. Sayed Al-Khudari in Egypt, Al-Mansoura University, Faculty of medicine. I am sure if you send him a letter to the address description I mentioned or you may try to track down his email address some how, I am sure he will be able to tell you the truth.

    There are lots of people who might use islam or any thing to make a cheap benefit. Please, sister don't put any thing on your web site unless it is 100% true. If I were you I wouldn't  put any thing at all of this nature whether it is true or not.


    your brother in islam
    Ragaei Elgamil