So drunk, she could not recall tragedy
January 10, 1999: The Sunday Times, Singapore
Miss Lim Hee Huay's boyfriend twice saved her from drowning in the Kallang River before he drowned. But she cannot even remember clearly what happened on Thursday afternoon when Mr. Yazri Jumaat dies to save her life. Miss Lim, 28, and Mr. Yazri Jumaat, 26, both unemployed, had known each other for 2 and half months.

Visibly shaken and on the verge of tears, she spoke to The Sunday Times at home on Friday night, in the one-room King George's Avenue flat she shares with her uncle, Mr. He Ya Li, 59, a retiree.

On Thursday morning, she went to the Kallang riverside park to meet Mr. Yazri and began drinking with seven friends who were already there while she waited for him. When he got there, they argued - but she could not remember what they have argued about. She said, "I was very drunk and I jumped into the river without really knowing what i was doing. I was told later that only Yazri dived into the rive twice to save me. The rest of my drinking pals just ran away."

Some other people on the river bank managed to rescue her with the help of a pole and she was taken to Tan Tock Seng Hospital. She left the hospital on Friday afternoon to attend Mr. Yazri's funeral at his home in Block 676, Hougang Avenue 8.

She said, "I went to Yazri's flat but I don't think his family can accept my presence. His father was having his prayers and I wasn't allowed to go in. I managed to see Yazri's body but it was all covered up in cloth. I didn't even get to see his face for the last time."

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