The Wiccan lady sends her first mail

Greetings, You signed my guestbook, and invited me to your site for a visit.  The first thing I noticed was your lovely background!  Very beautiful indeed.

As I browsed your pages I came upon your poems. In particular, the one entitled "To Western Women"  I see by your poem that you have been hurt by someone from the USA.  I am sorry to see that. However, please do not judge all Americans by the reaction of one.  I see many Muslim women every day in Orlando where I live.  I have never once stared or made the accusations you have in your poem.

I am Wiccan.  By my faith, which is older than the Bible or the Quran, I am bound to respect the faith of all others.  I keep this oath, and believe in it completely.

Now, there are some things I was wondering about the Muslim faith. Perhaps you can enlighten me.  My parents lived in Iran for quite a few years.  My father was with the American embassy there.  He clearly remembers Muslims killing their first born if it was not a boy.  He tells me that it was a dishonor on the father for the first born to be a girl.  I was appalled.  Killing a healthy born baby??  Or killing any baby for that matter.  This made me very upset.  He explained to me that it was the muslim way, but I will never understand how any mother could ever allow such a thing.  I would gladly kill ANYONE who threatened my child. Children are very important to my faith.  We see them as a renewal and proof of the never ending circle of life.

The next thing that bothered me was the fact that Muslims treated our family as though we were garbage.  One particular incident comes to mind.   We had a muslim house boy.  My father paid him weekly to clean our house, and exterminate bugs.  He had no transportation, so he walked over a mile a day to get to our house.  My father felt terrible about this, and bought him a bicycle so he wouldn't have to walk.  He never said thank you, he just took the bike and went home.  My father speaks fluent Arabic, so it wasn't a communication thing, he just didn't see fit to thank him.  Then, when he returned the next day to work in our house, he was wearing a sweater that belonged to my father.  My father would have given him the sweater, had he asked, but just to take the sweater without permission was openly rude.  So my father questioned him.  He said he could have anything in our house that he wanted, because he was Muslim.  He told my father, that since we were Christian, we meant nothing.  My father then discharged him, and removed him from our home.  The next day a whole mob of Muslims were at our door with clubs.  They did not get in to cause us any harm, my father was an important man, so the embassy took care of the problem.

We have also lived in Egypt, and received similar, but not quite as bad treatment from Muslims.

Now, I say this to you.  I am not liberated, I am me. I was not born to serve man, but to serve my faith, and myself.  My family is included as myself, for they are part of me.  Just because I was born a woman, does not grant ANYONE rule over me. I cook for my husband when I feel like doing it.  He cooks when I don't feel like it.  We share our responsibilities 50/50.  A partnership. My husband shows me intimate respect, and always has.  As a matter of fact, he makes me feel as though I can do anything in the world.  He tells me I am worth more to him than life.  I believe him, and feel the same way for him.  When I become pregnant, he tells me his only wish is for a healthy baby.  No matter what sex.  Together we will share, and learn.

Please know that I mean no disrespect towards your beliefs, I was just hoping you might help me better understand them.  My faith holds the woman as the giver of life.  She nurtures life, and makes it grow.  All life, not only male life.  In Wicca, women are the embodiment of the Goddess on earth.  We are respected and held in great reverence.

I m a Western woman, and I don't fit your poem very well, do I?