Comments from An Arabian Lady

Salaam, I have enjoyed your site for many reasons. Mostly because it TALKS to us; it reaches  minds with logic and touches hearts and souls with the buds of faith. I am truly glad to have surfed on your site. The information is simply wonderful. May Allah reward you.

Being impressed with what your site offers, I was surprised first, then offended by what I read in the e-mail msgs.

Let me begin by (partially) introducing myself. I am a (highly educated) Muslim woman who was raised, educated, married, and had her first child (a girl!) in the Middle East (ME). Now, I live in America with my husband; my two children are grown and hold respectable jobs. I also run my own business. This information is not to brag, but simply to show that we "oppressed" (ME) women do live life to the fullest.

Thus, I read with a mixture of some amusement and a healthy dose of anger the e-mail from the Wicca faith woman and also your replies. I was surprised that no one caught this woman's fabrications. Do you honestly believe that any man, ANYWHERE, can bury a child without the law at his throat?! Did she ever witness this? Or is she in the habit of spreading rumors about Muslims and Islam. She lives in Orlando, and the way she writes about the Muslim women she encounters every day there, gives her away. How come no one caught on that? Her despise for Muslims reeks sky high, she is not worth the effort or the time it takes you  or me to punch away on your keyboard a response to her.

Upsetting also, sadly to say, were your own replies. Although you exhibited an amazing knowledge of Islam, and are a debate master, you, too, showed a remarkable biased view of Arabs in particular and the (ME), in general. Yours holds an uncharacteristic amount of bias. I wonder why? a bad experience, maybe? Don't forget Islam came to us, Arabs, first. And when the Qur'an was revealed, it addressed the **ills** of the Arab culture--not yours. Laws and commands abound in the Qur'an and in the Hadeeth regarding women and their rights. It is of significance to ponder the Rasoul's (PBU) farewell speech. Among the few admonition(?) he listed for his followers was one regarding women. Our prophet implored (ordered?) men to treat their wives as equals, to look after their comfort . . . etc.  for this to be mentioned in his last speech bears indisputable proof as to the women's place in Islam. This woman who claimed to have lived in a Muslim country where fathers would bury their first born should it be a female, lives in a world of her own making (and you were **sorry** she had such a bad experience in the ME--because you are better/ holier, maybe?). These sort of things no longer exist--(unless you can show me proof); they USED to happened in Ancient Arabia.  Islam forbid the act. True the menfolks are *disappointed* if their firstborn isn't a son ( this is true for men in any culture, not only for Muslim men), but in the ME they don't go about killing their flesh. What this woman says is barbaric, taken from pre-Islam barbaric times. There are laws in our countries.

About the young servant who didn't utter his gratitude for the gift he received. I'd say this woman is all wet . . . the first thing any Muslim in the ME does upon receiving a gift is expressing thanks; it's in our nature, like breathing. we are humbled by a simple show of kindness. More over a Muslim from the ME would try to return the favor, expressing thanks for the thoughtfulness of that person by offering a gift of at least an equal value --if one can afford it. ME Muslims are famous for their generosity; it's documented!

As to the stolen sweater, bah. This too is a fabrication. . .of the worse kind. It pains me you never questioned this woman's stories (she does have a flare with words and a well-full of imagination). Instead, you stood in judgment of Arabs, and in imitation of this woman's way to generalize all Muslims under the same dark cloud, you included all Arabs under one flag of nastiness.

Let me tell you something. The culture in some ME Muslim countries may be oppressive to women. But so is the culture in Greece and Southern Italy, China, Japan . . . and God knows where else. Not all Arabs are bad husbands, fathers, brothers . . .  not all of us women are servants who lick after our husbands. It is a shame that you didn't raise to the Arabs' defense. It tells me that, like Western people, you believe everything that has been said about us. Defending Islam without knowing certain specifics is a kin to narrow minded attitude of me-holier-than-thou .

No Muslim is better than another... it's a basic rule in the Qur'an. Muhammad (PBU) was an Arab, too. And he was the kindest to his wife.

I may be upset with the e-mail and the replies it generated from non-Arab Muslims, but that won't stop me from visiting your excellent site as often and as possible as I can. There is a lot to learn from what your site offers.  Thank you. will pass the word.