Waalaikum Salaam,

Whatever you decide to do with your homepage,
don't hesitate to ask me for help ok? I'll
be more than glad :)

The title of that dead link is The Ugly Arab, yes.
But when the article has been put up, you'll know
that I am not condemning the Arabians.

I used the term Ugly Arab because it is a name the
Westerners give to Muslims in general. The article
will center on showing how kind and peaceful people
Muslims and Arabians included, are and that the
term "Ugly Arab" is a very inaccurate one.. I love
the Arabians, Lubna. I went there in Dec of 1996
and I was so touched and so moved by Arabians in
Macca and Madinah that I have decided to move there
after my retirement (I am 19 now) I want to spend
the rest of my life there..

I have had a few bad experiences with Arabians. This
I cannot deny. But i do not blame the entire culture
because every culture has funny, strange individuals.

With referance to the email section on my homepage,
I would like to refer you to a very latest update.
An Arabian woman wrote to be...she is very angry with
regards to my mails with the Wiccan....I have replied
to her (both mails are in the e-mails section) so I will
really appreciate it if you take a look...

Lubna, i hope you keep in touch!

Warmest regards,

At 04:43 PM 5/23/98 +0300, you wrote:
>as salam alikum sister.
>Thank you for you email.  You know what the problem is, I can't make up my
>mind on what the webpage should be about.  Though I should at least have a
>welcome page with a background, and some non-active links, to at least keep
>the site Inshallah by the end of the week it will be done.
>I have visited your web site, let me say, I was impressed its a very good
>job sis.  I did sense a low openion of Arabs though, in your email response
>to that crazy lady.   There is a title says the ugly arab, its still not
>active, I hope it doesn't say what the titles say though.
>Its true that people judge all muslims by Arabs now, which is unfair to
>Islam and Muslims, but arabs are not the only ones who lost touch with
>religion and had a culture to replace the good things in religion.  Actually
>that culture doesn't belonge to Arabs, it belongs to Turkes.  And like the
>image of muslims is not an honest reflection of what Islam is about, the
>image of Arabs is not an honest reflection of what Arabs are about.
>Though I don't think us muslims should waste time on issues of nations.
>Hope to hear from you soon
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>>I'm Fareena and I "live" at Athens/Academy/7368. I'm one of
>>your volunteer Athens Community Leaders, and I'm cruising the neighborhood
>>trying to get to know everybody.
>>I visited YOUR website today, at
>>I see you moved in only recently. Well done!
>>If you are having any problems working on your homepage
>>please e-mail me and I will try and help you as much as possible.
>>I am a Muslim and the only Muslim community leader in Athens.
>>I hope all us Muslims can get together to strengthen our
>>use of the internet to spread Islam.
>>I will come back to visit soon!
>>If you have any questions, comments or concerns about your site, Athens,
>>Geocites, HTML, or whatever, PLEASE feel free to email me at
>>fubar@pacific.net.sg  I won't always know the answer, but it's my job to
>>find out who DOES!
>>And I'd LOVE to have you stop and visit MY site sometime!
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