Comments on all MAILS in General

Asalaamu alaikum sister. I just finished reading the thread from the Wiccan girl in Florida.  I'm sorry, but I have to comment! I think she is slightly psychotic! She obviously did not have good intentions and does not respect others' views.  Frankly, she is not even completely coherent or logically responsive!  She is not worth any more of your time.  I don't even know where her reference to Nation of Islam came from, since we all know that they are not representative of Islam at all, and as far as I could see were mentioned nowhere else in the thread.

I was a Wiccan before I became Muslim, and I have to say she is doing a bad job of portreying them honestly also!

First, Wiccan's do believe that all religions are one and that all gods and goddesses are one, just called by different names by different people.  Therefore, for that reason alone, she should not have any problems with Islam.

Second, if she knew anything about Islam itself, she would see that Islam (not necessarily people) give women all the rights that Wicca gives.  The only difference is that Wicca makes men relatively disposable, whereas Islam shows that both sexes have a divine purpose.

Also, true Wiccan women are not more "liberated" than Muslim women; back in history, Wiccan women wore veils, avoided contact with men, and even had to send their male children away for fostering to keep that strict separation of sexes.

I am from the US and a white convert to Islam, so I do know what American Muslims are like.  I have not visited the other Muslim countries (or even any other non-Muslim country) yet.  I can only speak for how Arabs here have treated me, and that was not good. A lot of them have that idea, like the Arabian woman who responded to your thread, that Islam was brought to them first, implying that they are "the chosen".  Well, the reason Muhammad (SAW) brought it to them was because they were so morally lacking that they needed it, and it had already been brought to two other groups (in what is now seen as Judaism and Christianity) before them.

On the other hand, although I have had bad experiences with Arab Muslims, either because they call themselves Muslim but do not live Islam (I could give specific examples of "abuse" I received, but that's really another discussion) or because they had a higher-than-thou attitude, I understand that I can only speak from my own experience and that is limited.  I am sure that there are a lot of Arabs, both Muslim and non-Muslim, that are great people.

And that brings up another point too, being Arab does not mean they are Muslim.  There are a lot of Arabian Christians, and I am sure there are a lot of Arabs that practice no religion.  And, unfortunately, for a lot of Arabs (and I think to some degree this is also true here in the US for African-Americans that were raised Muslim, especially NOI), Islam is seen as a tradition and a culture, rather than as a real system of beliefs.  Much in the same way that a lot of Christians here say they are Christian because that is what they were raised, but they do not go to church, read the Bible, pray or anything else.

To that end, I suppose you could say that because this is a Christian country, everything that happens in it (abortion, babies born out of wedlock, murder, suicide, drunk driving, drug use, etc. - and there have been lots of highly publicized and not publicized cases of children being killed or dumped in a dumspter at birth within the last few years) is a product of Christianity?  No, we would not say that - none of those things are espoused in the Bible, in fact they are all forbidden in the Bible as much as in the Qur'an.

I am sorry that the Arab woman was offended by your comments, but I think she misunderstood them.  Perhaps she could not help having her judgement colored by the fact that it directly related to her and is not true of her or her family.   I agree with you that you were only answering the Wiccan girl's claims and cannot prove that they are completely untrue.

Of course there are Muslims (Arab and otherwise) that believe that Christians do not matter and that gives Muslims the right to take from them or treat them badly - I have met a lot of Muslims that feel that way.  And there are ungrateful people in all cultures - ask her to look at the first letter from a sister on the Ladies Forum showed on your site, where the sister says her father helped her husband get his business started and her husband shows no gratitude.

People sure do have a hard time separating religion from people's actions. Of course you need to site the Qur'an and Hadith, and if necessary even the Bible and the Torah, to show continuity.  What is in scripture is what Islam is, what people do is their own choice.  No group should be held accountable for those that choose to do their own thing.  Allah is perfect and Islam is His perfected religion - we as humans are highly imperfect and cannot represent Islam perfectly at all times, but that is our own personal jihad.

Please continue your good work.  Do not let foolish people or even well-meaning but incorrect people to bring you down.  You will not always be exactly right, but you do the best you can.  I think your site is the best site I have ever seen.  May Allah bless you.

Your sister,
A. R.