The First reply to the Wiccan lady

ME: Dear *****, here I am finally replying to your mail! sorry for the delay!

ME: First of all....just as you ask me "I don't fit your poem very well, do I?" - I'd like to add that just as you nor the subject of thepoem,  represent all of the western world...NEITHER DO THE PEOPLE YOU HAVE SPOKEN ABOUT BELOW represent ISLAM.

ME: by the way, i did not write that poem...I put a clear indication there:

ME: "PLEASE TAKE NOTE: These are by individuals and they are not the Quran and Hadith verbatim. They give enormous insight to Islam but please keep in mind, they may reflect personal opinions which are not necessarily universally accepted nor the opinions of the webmaster."

ME: Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and that is the reason for my putting the poem up but it looks like I will have to make it EVER clearerthat such poems and essays are by individuals and whether they reflect islam or not varies in degree.

ME: I'd just like to say that a car cannot be judged by it's driver! When acar is involved in an accident do we blame the car or the driver? I think it is very much common sense that religion and almost every aspect of life is manipulated by people! you cannot judge a religion by its practicers!I am indeed very very sorry to hear of the ill experiences you have had. I assure you that you are not the only one *****. Many people, even muslims have been bullied and taken advantage of by Arabians. I feel itis unfair that you blame it on Islam. That is not Islam is about!

ME: In Islam, baby girls and women are SACRED.....killing baby girls is avery very big sin! After Islam came along, laws were passed that women may own property, choose their own husband, cannot be forced to marry, cannot be forced to migrate, her husband or anyone else may not touch ortake away anything that belongs to her...THAT is Islam.....


ME: 391.Reported from Anas b. Malik, the Prophet said: "Girls are models of affection and sympathy and a blessing to the family. If a person has one daughter, God will screen him from the fire of hell owing to his daughter;if he has two daughters, God will admit him to paradise; if he has three, God will exempt him from the obligation of charity and Jehad."

ME: 392.Abu Hurairah says, "The Prophet of God said that if a person has three daughters whom he provides for and brings up, God will surely reward him with paradise."

ME: 393.According to Abdullah ibn Mas'ud, the Prophet is reported to have said; "If a daughter is born to a person and he brings her up, gives her agood education and trains her in the arts of life, I shall myself stand between him and hell-fire.

ME: 394.Ibn Abbas reported that a virgin grown-up girl came to the Prophet of Allah and narrated that her father had given her in marriage to a personwhom she disliked. The Prophet gave her option.

ME: 395.Khansa' b. Khidham reported that her father gave her in marriage, after she had became a widow. She disliked it and came to the Prophet.He annulled the marriage.

ME: 396.According to Ayeshah, the Prophet's wife, he said about women: "They are like pleasing roses."(NOTE 37)

ME: 398.A person who has a female slave in charge and takes steps to giveher a sound education and trains her in arts and culture, and then frees her and marries her, he will be doubly rewarded.

ME: 399.A report from Bahz b. Hakim states: I inquired the Prophet (peace beupon him) about hi teaching in respect of women. He replied: "Feed them as you feed yourselves, clothe them as you clothe yourselves, and do not beat or scold them."

ME: 402.Umar, the Second Caliph, says, 'When a person marries a woman, and the woman stipulates that she would not be taken out of the town or city,of her residence, it is necessary for the husband to abide by the stipulation.'

ME: Islam teaches tolerance, love and respect for ALL people whether theyare muslim or not...

ME: 105.The God's messenger (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) passed a mixed company of Muslims, polytheists who worshipped idols and Jews and he gave them a salutation.

ME: My dear..ask yourself..would ANY religion allow baby girls to be killed? OBVIOUSLY NOT! Your anger should be directed at a particular culture - the Arabs and NOT ISLAM! The Chinese and Africans kill baby girls even today! Are the chinese Muslims? only 40 million out of 1 billion.

ME: Killing baby girls is a social stems from the attitude that boys are better than girls and for that stigma we ARE ALL RESPONSIBLE indirectly!

ME: I am very very sad to see that even in todays day and age people cannotlook into the reasons for things that happen around the world. It is very easy to blame the Muslims for being cruel on their families and people of other religions but this is a ETHNICITY and CULTURAL issue....we are muslims but my father doesn't evne remotely reflect the picture you have painted! Neither does 95% of the people we know!

>>>>faith holds the woman as the giver of life.  She
>>>>nurtures life, and makes it grow.  All life, not

HER: >>>>only male life.  In Wicca, women are the
>>>>embodiment of the Goddess on earth.  We are
>>>>respected and held in great reverence.

ME: it is the same for Islam ****....I have quoted many verses to show youthis. I am telling you from my own eperiences...the people you may complained about have manipulated religion to serve their own purpose. Blame it on the tendencies for males to fight for dominance if you like!Please do not judge a car by the driver. I'm very sorry to hear of your experiences. You are not the only one and I certainly BELIEVE you had such experiences because people in the middle east CAN be like that!Thye are but they are not representatives of Islam in any aspect!

ME: I think the equality of men and women is a rather debatable issue ****.Physil and mental abuse, single mothers, children born out of wedlock....DO YOU REALLY CONSIDER THIS A TRIBUTE TO WOMEN IN THE WEST?

ME: I hope I cleared some of your doubts....I hope you reply and honestlytell me if I have conveyed my message well. If you still have doubts or any questions at all...PLEASE DO E-MAIL ME