Dear ****,

I'm afraid you are a little confused about spamming. You might wanna
check with your ISP for rules. I don't think they'd entertain you if you
told them you got the number of mail you's not even close to
spamming. If they do have anything to say to us, me in particular, I
have your mail to show signs that you asked for it. I am sure my ISP has
rules against religious provocations.

everyone has advised me to stop mailing you and we all agree on one
thing...this whole thing is a waste of time. most of us don't think you
have a problem with the number of mails....i think the problem lies in
the fact that you don't wanna hear what we have to say. at least that's
the feedback i get from most people you replied to...that you virtually
ignored what they had to tell you whereas they were not nearly as
hostile as I was. your opinion i did not handle this in an adultlike manner. but
frankly i'd rather be 'childlike' then prejudiced...MOST DEFINITELY...i
suppose being childlike leaves me room to grow up to be someone who is
open-minded about ideas other than my own.

sure, you don't agree with what we have to say but it still leaves me
wondering why you could not reply telling us WHY.

well gotta go...I still leave room for you to REPLY to what I wrote to
you the last time...I was hoping you would try and convince me of your
point of view. Looking forward to it.

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