Sam's initial mail
Hello! Thank you for reading my page and taking the time to send me some feedback. I am sure that you are enjoying the conversation with my girlfriend and my reasons for forwarding the letter to her are, I am sure, quite clear at this point. She was married to a Muslim and was treated the way Muslim women are treated.

You see, I do not think any more of Islam than I do of Christianity. Less, as a matter of fact. I see both as being "revealed". That is, that they are true because a man says that they are true. This is valueless to a modern society.

Indeed, I see Islam as being quite primitive really. The allowance of physical punishment of wives and others. Jihad. Murdering one's enemies to get to Allah. Treating women as subservient, second class citizens. The list goes on and on. It is one of the few religions that has never evolved, and while you may see that as a good thing, I do not. I see it as extremely bad. That is where the word primitive comes in.

Take note, however, that just because I think that the religion of Islam is worthless and just an offshoot of Judaism like it's brother Christianity, that I do not think Muslims are worthless. Having lived in Israel and gotten to know and work with several Muslims that I do know that they are people like everyone else, and are only partially handicapped by their religion. But that can change. They, too, can experience the freedom that I feel every day. How?

Well, that is to strip God of the myths that their religion has placed on it. Take away all of the fancy decoration. Get back to the basics of who and what God really is and your priests have been hiding from you for millenia. 

Yes, God did create the earth and the universe. Much more than this is not really knowable. Beyond that is what is called faith. When a book is inserted into the mix and that book is called the "Word of God" huge assumptions are made that just can not be made. And huge questions arise. Such as:

1. Why would a God reveal his/her truth to one individual or a select number of individuals when a being that is all-powerful could have this information be inbred into us so we instinctually know it at birth?

2. Why would a God who is Good reward those who believe and punish those who don't when it is God who has all of the power and all of the knowledge?

3. Shouldn't this God make the information clearer and non-refutable?

These questions can not be logically answered by ANY religion. Not Judaism, and CERTAINLY not Christianity or Islam.

As for the World Religions web ring that you are referring to, I am not sure which ring you are writing about. I have 7 there and would be glad to help you out if you could be more specific. The link directly to that page is:

Oh, and a good link to learn more about the natural religion is:

Take Care.

Sam Gibson
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"You might have lived a good life as an exemplary Christian, only to be met at the gates of Heaven by Mohammed. That's called fate." -Neil Peart, drummer and lyricist from Rush

P.S. Don't read too much into this. The converse is equally true.