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>>ME: this part of my response it also to Sarah with regards to a part
>>of her mail:
>>i feel i need to say something at this point. why does everyone
>>tell me i should not have bothered. i think it's our duty to attempt
>>to clear the doubts of those who question our beliefs.

OTHERS 2: It is definitely our duty to speak up and dispell misconceptions about our
religion to the best of our ability. Over the past year, however, I have
found myself getting so caught up in explaining Islam to others, that I
have neglected exploring Islam and the issues which concern me. The first
step is to distinguish Islam in scripture and Islam in practice. I
personally believe that Islam does support gender equity and I realise that
what goes on in certain Muslim communities is as condemnable by and
incompatible to Islam as to any humanitarian mentality. We cannot however
linger at this first step. We have to think about going beyond this first
step and try to bring true or ethical Islam into Muslim communities and
thereby prove that Islam does work. We are very young and have little
nfluence or power, but this is also the best time to develop ideas about
how to go about eradicating pre-Islamic tradtion-based problems. I never
said that you should not address people's misconceptions of Islam. There is
however a very thin line between condemning injustice and justifying it.
From our position, that is the best thing we could do.

>>ME:  I feel that this is what differentiates
>>us Muslims from Christians. They make great effort in dispelling
>>doubts and sharing the word of the Bible. The kind of missionary
>>work that they have performed in the form of churches, schools and
>>hospitals is highly admirable.

OTHERS 2: While I don't think we should go and try to convert people and thus ward
them away from Islam, we should definitely learn from other people. Where
are all the Muslim Mother Theresas? Doesn't the Quran call upon people to
take care of the poor, the orphans, and other disinherited people? Yet,
while many of us Muslims are bound by our own poverty, there are also many
Muslims who could make a difference, but they are often too intoxicated by
their own wealth.

>>ME: Why do people feel that it is not worth writing a simple e-mail
>>to a person who questions us? I don't understand this. It's not about
>>being defensive. I do not write to to Sam and KimSu and others who
>>question me because I feel they are insulting me and I should
>>get defensive. I have a different opinion from them and it feels odd
>>to me that I should not express it. When something sounds
>>illogical or untrue, I question it and I feel I should speak up
>>about it.

OTHERS 2: Definitely.

OTHERS 2: Whoever blames you or anyone else for making an effort to start a
discussion or clarify certain points is simply a willing slave of ignorance
and an advocate of intellectual stagnation.

OTHERS 2: You should be proud of what you are doing. If more young Muslims like you
cared about Islam, the situation of Muslims, and tried their best to
promote greater understanding between Muslims and non-Muslims, we would
perhaps be able to life the veil of ignorance which prevents both Muslims
and non - Muslims from understanding ethical Islam.

Best wishes,

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