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If were you blamed for the effort,  you defintielty should not have been.
Think about it this way though, the reason lots of people say that you
shouldnt bother is because, people dont trust the capacity for others to
see clearly at someone else's arguements.

All to often people are given MORE respect to sticking to their guns then
for seeing the clearer side of the arguement.  And less respect is given
to those who would concede to someone else even if they have the more
concrete arguement. Now what does all this have to do with blame?
now keeping this in mind, this sort of mindset forces people to be adamant
and... at times, even blind. People see this and think... well hey why bother?
they wont see our point ANYWAY so why try?  Well, irrespective of
whatever point is trying to be made, noone will ever see anything if we
were all just to give up.  In the end the situation i am describing is
a lost cuase type of syndrome so to speak. however the point i offer to you

a cause is lost only when you choose to give up.  (taking into consideration
ofcourse the length of patience in general... by no means do expect the
battle to be waged forever. but to not even bother in the first place... and do
it purely based on not a sign of a progressive mindset)

Now the difference in which the way men and women are treated...
it seems to me that some people are under the impression that yes, men
and women are treated in an equal and fair manner.
(which is a hard pressed thing to find in america... Women models for
instance make 8 to 10 times that of their male counterparts)

Mostly it seems that the people who do believe this are a bit sheltered or
perhaps they have lived in a manner in which they have experienced such
equality.  But to base opinions in a world that is predominantly non existent
is an ill informed opinion.

Taking it further...
For the most part women are looked at with more sexual appeal than men,
being the case, it seems that to make a generalization that men should wear
Hijaab too is a bit presumptious no?

if it were the case that we do indeed live in this perfect world where men and
women are looked at equally,  then the need for it would no longer be...but we
do not, and to judge the ways and practices of one culture in a fictional plane is
does not illustrate a fair example of what is happenin in actuality.

now it seems that with all this focus on one topic, that this is the only one at hand.
certainly not.  The affirmation of the importance of one topic in no way diminishes or
denies the importance of another.


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