This BELOW is Sam's 3rd Letter



I do not know why I have continued to receive mail regarding Islam when my
initial note on the subject made it quite clear that I felt it to be a
barbarous religion and did not hold it in high enough regard to speak
further on it.

The issue was raised that the Qu'ran teaches men to beat their wives. I do
not care to get into "why" it does, because there can be no acceptable
reason. I do not want to compare that to other cultures that have
woman-beaters, because this is like saying that it is acceptable, or at
least "not that bad" because others do it. Others commit genocide. It was
raised that other cultures beat women without instruction from the Qu'ran
and there must be a larger reason. There is! They are sick. And a
"scripture" that supports it is even more sick. I will not condone it nor
will I cling to a primitive book that instructs it. This is how I view the

I felt it humorous that ******* complimented me on my work against the
Bible and labeled it a BAD book. What she failed to realize is that it is no
different than the Qu'ran. Sure, they say that there are scientific theories
and an exact number of words, and blah, blah, blah. The same has been
said of the Bible long before a man (or men)sat down and made up the
religion of Islam. Both are books written by men. Both are concepts that
other men (and women, though these books were clearly not written for you,
ladies) are told to believe because another man says that they are so. This is
called a revealed religion. This is also called hearsay.

Other minor issues abound. Baptism by sprinkling or dunking? Hijaab for men
and women? Who cares? It is all so much blah, blah, blah, yada, yada, yada.

Does it bring you closer to God?

No. Your books clearly take you away from God, though you feel the exact
opposite. Your books cause dissension and division among you, when they were
written with unification in mind. I withdrew from several Christian lists
(which actually interest me) for just this reason. There is no unity when
people gather to discuss the minor points. It is all so much personality.

So... while this conversation on who should wear a hood or not may seem to
you like it might interest me... or the larger conversation on whether
Muslims should engage in conversation with infidels, for that matter, it
really does not. I am not opposed to conversation on a personal level, mind
you, but I am not looking to be involved in any kind of Islamic discussion

So... would the next person who responds to these posts... this thread...
PLEASE remove my name and e-mail address from the To: section?

I would greatly appreciate it, and am sure that you would be happier with
this infidel out of your hair. =)

Oh... and could someone please pass this through to the Islam-list as you
generally need to be subscribed to one of these things to get your posts
through. Thanks

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