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Maybe you are even more incredibly dense than I thought. I could
have sworn that I made it very clear to you that I had no interest in
discussing Islam.

Yes, part of that comes from a lack of knowledge on the subject on
my part, but said lack of knowledge comes from a lack of desire to learn
about an animalistic, barbarous faith system.

First, to have a open, honest discussion with you, I would need to
have some respect for you. I can not have respect for a woman who chooses a
faith system that makes her a second class citizen... especially a woman
who is clearly of above-average intelligence, even if she lacks the ability
to use logic and reason.

Second, I simply do not have the time to deal with this primitive
faith when I do not have enough time to deal with the primitive faith that
actually interests me.... you know... the one that is at least ten paces
ahead of your religion in humanity... Christianity.
Third, fundamentalists worry me. And I see you as a fundamentalist.
That makes you unpredictable. That makes you dangerous. That is also what
I am trying so hard to help the world see... that fundamentalists are
"non-desirables", for lack of better words.

So I will waste no more minutes on you, Fareena. I do hope that you
someday open your eyes and look at the truth of your faith system (security
blanket). Hopefully, you will someday realize that you are as fooled
as any fundamentalist Christian by your "prophet".

Oh... and, yes. People of my culture have had a great female leader.
Her name was Golda Meir. She was the prime minister of the country where
I lived for 3-1/2 years.

Good day.
Sam Gibson
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"You might have lived a good life as an exemplary Christian,
only to be met at the gates of Heaven by Mohammed.
That's called fate."
-Neil Peart, drummer and lyricist from Rush

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