In the Name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most MercifulComments on all MAILS in General

Dear Fareena,

With regards to your "Emails I have Recv'd"  I must say that those so-called Wiccans and Non Religious "Bible Haters" were quite amusing.  However, I don't know if you failed to notice that Sam said that his country did have a female leader and then mentioned Golda Meir.  That country would be Israel, of course.  If Sam is an Israeli or Zionist American, then it is his nationalistic, patriotic duty to *hate and slander* Muslims and Islam.  Sam could come up with no logical reason to hate Islam.  He knows nothing of Islam other than what his pagan girlfriend and the media have told him.  And whether I am a Muslim, a Jew or a Christian, I don't know how seriously I would take someone who thinks she is a "representative" of the "goddess".

And that second Wiccan, the one from Florida, is so full of hate and vitrol! From reading her emails it would seem that she is somewhat mentally disturbed, and only wished to engage you in a juvenile email fight, so that you could "prove" that she was oh so right about Muslims.  Unfortunately, you didn't concur, so she fell back on that old spoon fed media response to muslims "terrorist bombing," albeit e-mail this time!

For someone who claims to be so independent and open minded, I would question her why she bases all her knowledge of Islam, Muslims, Arabs, and Iranians on American media myths and movies like "Not Without My Daughter."  I would doubt that she even ever lived in Iran, as she mentioned that the houseboy wouldn't respond to her father "even though he speaks Arabic fluently."  Well no wonder.  Iranians speak Farsi.  Also, you may not be aware of this since you aren't an American, but we haven't had any ambassadors or embassy personnel there since 1979.  So her "memories" would be subject to time and outside influences in the last 20 yrs, if they are true at all.

Both of these people (Sam and August, and Psycho Wicca Lady) tried to "discredit" Islam by citing "domestic violence."  None of these three people could come up with statistics, published news reports, or any other substantial evidence to prove, or even suggest that domestic abuse rates are as high or higher in the "Muslim" world than in the non Muslim world.  As you correctly asserted (with evidence) domestic violence cuts across cultural, racial, economic, and religious boundaries.  Despite their reluctance to answer one point, I can "assure" you that domestic violence, as well as stalking, are near epidemic in this country, and that many in the legal system (judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, and probation/parole personnel) view it as a "misdemeanor", a "private affair", or something not worth their while. Time and time again, we hear, on the evening news, of a woman being killed by a husband or boyfriend she'd tried to leave.  Most of the time, it's not even worth the while for the news to report it.

Of course, and this is the point you were trying to make, IT HAS NOTHING TO DO W/ RELIGION.  I can assure that most of the abusers are non Muslims.

Also, for the point that you were trying to make w/ the Psycho about unmarried or teen mothers:  just because she doesn't have any in her family doesn't mean that they don't exist in this country!  The fact is that full 25% of American children are born out of wedlock today!  Whether or not she addresses that fact doesn't make it not true.  I don't know if you are aware of this, but since 1992, it has been one of the hottest "debate topics" in our country.

The point of my email is, there are bad apples in every bunch, whether the bunch is Jewish, Christian, Muslim, or pagan.  It is my personal opinion that people who do things like abusing their wives, killing children, drunk driving, terrorism, etc are not only NOT representative of the religion that they claim, they are not truly of that religion since NONE of these religions endorse this sort of behavior.  People can claim be whatever they want to be. It is their actions, and not their words that show this. (for instance: If these two pagan women were truly devoted to their "goddes(es)" they would have spoken to you with much more respect and intelligence than they did, since their religion claims to hold women in such high regard.  Calling you "habibi" (and thereby ignorantly assuming that all Muslims speak Arabic) is a poor attempt at condescending juvenile mockery, not adult conversation.)

Sister, it is my personal opinion that these people are so rude and unwilling to explore Islam through Muslim writings because they are afraid.  :)

"And never will the Jews and Christians be pleased with you until you follow their religions." (2:120)

"Those who disbelieve from among the People of the Book and the idolators do not like that you should have [revelation] sent to you from your Lord." (2:105)

"That is because they loved and preferred the life of this world over that of the Hereafter.  Allah guides not the people who disbelieve.  They are those upo whose hearts, hearing and sight Allah has set a seal.  And they are heedless!  No doubt, the Hereafter, they will be the losers!" (16:107-9)

"Until, when death comes to one of them (who join partners with Allah), he says : My Lord! Send me back, so that I may do good in that which I left behind!" (23:99-100)

Jazak Allah


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