This is MY reply to Sam's 4th Mail

Once again, I am disappointed to see that you conveniently
disregarded the specific questions i asked you. Instead you
give me generalities. I am not surprised. I didn't think
you'd be able to answer my queries.
I'm dense? I saw your message very well thank you. But like i
said, you don't wish to take part in this debate anymore, simply
withdraw yourself by not contributing. You're just as dense for
not noticing that.

your e-mails are hostile and you make many accusations. It's
quite obvious that either you justify your accusations (which you
failed to do simply by not answering the questions i asked u
in my last mail) OR you stop contributing!

I think it's very clear, you are doing the same thing that
the other lady in the "E-mails" section did. You make accusations
and when confronted you back away giving all sorts of reasons.

and one more thing. you hardly were able to back up the claims you
made whereas we produced concrete evidence to back up ours.
Looks like I am not the one who will be "opening my eyes and realising
the truth of my system"
I find it VERY amusing that you see me as a danger and threat. Why? :)
Not even strength, freedom and rights that you claim your society
and religion provide can protect you from a primitive second class
citizen like me? U sure showed who is second class by not addressing the
female precidency issue i brought up.

I think this long discussion showed that I am far from second class.
I spoke up and I defended my faith without anyone stopping me.
And I gave vaild concrete evidence. You call this something a second
class citizen would do? I have done more than you have in presenting
a logical argument. IF you consider yourself a first class citizen, I
reckon I am just the same or better.

I do not hold any ill feelings toward you or August that's why I
suggest you take a look at the evidence i have presented to support
my point of view...I do not ask you to accept and convert. I ask
you to maybe see some light in what i had to say. All i ask is that,
fine, you do not agree with me, but does it call for the hatred
and resentment that you seem to feel? I am quite sure the God that
you love and worship encourages love and tolerance for all.
Your God does not encourage hatred does he?

All i ask is that you reconsider that maybe it isn't so bad
after all. I apologise if i have hurt your feelings or that of

God Bless,

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