I sent Sam some mail in reply - hope you guys got them!

We received it.  Your domestic violence statistics don't fly since Muslim women lack the self-respect to report abuse.

You are saying that DESPITE the fact that muslim women don't report domestic abuse, THE STATS IN AMERICA ARE STILL SO HIGH.
that's exactly what I was trying to show you. So now I ask you to consider WHY non-muslims hit their wives when they don't have the Quran to instruct them to do so.
Then perhaps you can consider the fact that Muslim men also have the same reason for hitting their wives and the blame should NOT be placed solely on the Quran!

So August, you are saying that Non-Muslim women have ALOT OF SELF-RESPECT for succumbing to social standards of looking good and so on and so forth????
You have sent a message!
Frankly, I wrote ALOT more in my letter, Once, again, i am disappointed to see that you have only addressed one aspect: women's rights and nothing else.

We are merely pointing out that all these revealed religions are a myth.  What would you say if someone in this day and age came to you and said God spoke with him.  Wouldn't you think he was a nut?  If he indeed had a following you would write it off as being a cult such as Heaven's Gate.

You are the one that seems emotional to me.  You seem to be very militant with your posts and whatnot that it lacks the intelligence I thought you portrayed in your first posts.  Frankly, if you had continued being an Atheist, that would have been the intelligent choice.


very militant? or am i just hitting the right spot?
as your b/f says " look the word up"

ofcourse you are going to start on my intelligence now August! You did not reply to HALF the challenges I made to you! What else would you have against me but my intelligence. You certainly proved yours!

First of all, you are saying that revealed religions are a myth. What's your proof that islam is a myth. You still have not shown me a book as flawless as the Quran, you still have not shown me the contradictions and inconsistencies.

Claims are lame without evidence.

>>What would you say if someone in this day and age came to you and said God spoke >>with him.  Wouldn't you think he was a nut?

sure I'd think he was a nut!! Why wouldn't I? Just like I don't give much cradit to Sam or you ebcause neither of you cuodl substantiate your points, I will not believe this guy!
You have sent a message!
BUT, You keep denying the qualities of the Quran which are impossible for any man to have. If that man you cited, came with something like the Quran, EVEN YOU would believe him unless you are blind and egotistical.

No I wouldn't believe.  Who knows what motive they have.  Perhaps it's for profit.  Perhaps they need something to justify their lifestyle...i.e., more wives.  Perhaps Mohammed married Khadija (the widow...20 years or more older) because she had $ from her marriage.  He needed money for the "cause".  Don't think prophets are without fault.  Even Abraham had his that Sara was his sister to avoid getting his throat slit.

See how militant you are?  Just like a good Muslim that you are.  Why can't a discussion be without the feel of hate?  I am asking you about your religion.  I don't answer why Sam has a cert.  He, just like those prophets, has his motives too.

Challenges?  Exactly what challenges were you referring to?

"Claims are lame without evidence"...BINGO!
All these so called "holy books" are not evidence.  They are heresay.  History, novels.
I suppose you are one of those that believe God made the world in 6 days and there is no such things as dinosaurs.