Sam's girlfriend, August, who is the one whom I first spoke to
occasionally responded to the e-mails between Sam and me and
the others. Here are the messages she sent me via ICQ.

Note: The WHITE text is OLD text, the NEW text in BLUE refers to the old text.

I sent Sam some mail in reply

hope you guys got them! 

We received it.  Your domestic violence statistics don't fly
since Muslim women lack the self-respect to report abuse. 



You just served to prove my point. You are saying that DESPITE
the fact that muslim women don't report domestic abuse, THE
what I was trying to show you. So now I ask you to consider WHY
non-muslims hit their wives when they don't have the Quran to
instruct them to do so. Then perhaps you can consider the fact that
Muslim men also have the same reason for hitting their wives and
the blame should NOT be placed solely on the Quran!

So August, you are saying that Non-Muslim women have ALOT
OF SELF-RESPECT for succumbing to social standards of looking
good and so on and so forth????

Frankly, I wrote ALOT more in my letter, Once, again, I am

disappointed to see that you have only addressed one aspect:
women's rights and nothing else. 

Her Second Message


>>>You know, I resent the fact that you thrash me via an email to my partner.
>>>Habibti means "my love" or "my >dear" in Arabic.  You must learn to speak
>>>the damn language if you are to be a Muslimah.



what was your boyfriend saying about religion being UNIVERSAL?
wasn't he complaining that it was revealed to only one group of people,
when ti should be given to all mankind? you are once again
contradicting yourself.

I have seen so many non-muslims say that Islam is a religion belonging
to the Arabians and they associate race with it. THAT is a myth that you
non-muslims perpetuate! Religion is universal, you DO NOT have to "must
earn the DAMN language if you are to be a Muslimah"
by making the claim you made, YOU are the one restricting Islam.

my mother's father was a high court judge in his time and he did not
know A SINGLE WORD of arabic but he was relgious and he finished reading the
Quran many times over in English. Muslims realised universality of Islam A

It IS YOU who is "backward and primitive" in thinking that I can't be a Muslimah
if I don't know the language.



>>I am Japanese/Irish/American.  I speak English quite well, thank you.  And...who
>>>are you to judge Wiccans?  This >is a sin (haraam) in itself.  Only God judges...
>>>not you.


WHO AM I TO JUDGE WICCANS? In my mail, I have clearly said, if you will
take the time to read ir carefully, I wrote:

>>Sam, if you judge a religion and culture based on a small cohort of people
>>then from my experiences, I can readily say that Wiccans are impulsive,
>>insecure, VERY EMOTIONAL and rather moronic. Am I right? Cos' I have received
>>several e-mails from Wiccans (your girlfriend included) with regards to the
>>contents of my site and BELIEVE ME, one proved more moronic than the other.

I was using the same criteria that your boyfriend used. I siad, IF i were
like you and yuor boyfriend, i have room to conclude these things about

and I can't BELIEVE, YOU are lecturing me on the fact that only God is to
judge! There are nothign BUT judgements and stereotypes in Sam and your reply.
Here I will show you..

You said:

"I know about how backwards Islam is"

"manmade rules"

" Muslim women lack the self-respect to report abuse."

Sam Said:

"She was married to a Muslim and was treated the way Muslim women are treated."

"I see both as being "revealed". That is, that they are true because a man says that
they are true. This is valueless to a modern society."

"Indeed, I see Islam as being quite primitive really"

"It is one of the few religions that has never evolved"

"Muslims are only partially handicapped by their religion."

"These questions can not be logically answered by ANY religion."


Please refer to his mail so you can draw up the list yourself.
Tell me August, does YOUR God encourage hypocrisy (since
you and Sam have the right to judge but WE don't?) 

Her Third Message

We are merely pointing out that all these revealed religions are a myth.
What would you say if someone in this day and age came to you and
said God spoke with him.  Wouldn't you think he was a nut?  If he
indeed had a following you would write it off as being a cult such as
Heaven's Gate.

You are the one that seems emotional to me.  You seem to be very
militant with your posts and whatnot that it lacks the intelligence I thought
you portrayed in your first posts.  Frankly, if you had continued being an
Atheist, that would have been the intelligent choice.


very militant? or am i just hitting the right spot?
as your b/f says " look the word up"

ofcourse you are going to start on my intelligence now August!
You did not reply to half the challenges I made to you. What else
would you have against me but my intelligence.

First of all, you are saying that revealed religions are a myth. What's
your proof that islam is a myth. You still have not shown me a book
as flawless as the Quran, you still have not shown me the
contradictions and inconsistencies.

Claims are lame without evidence.

>>What would you say if someone in this day and age came to
>>you and said God spoke with him.  Wouldn't you think he was a nut?

sure I'd think he was a nut!! Why wouldn't I? Just like I don't give
much credit to Sam or you ebcause neither of you cuodl substantiate
your points, I will not believe this guy!

BUT, You keep denying the qualities of the Quran which are impossible
for any man to have. If that man you cited, came with something like the
Quran, EVEN YOU would believe him unless you are blind and egotistical.

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